Why Is Donald J. Trump Encouraging Fools With Guns To Threaten America?


A headline in The Washington Post on Wednesday screamed, “Armed militia helped a Michigan barbershop open, a coronavirus defiance that puts Republican lawmakers in a bind.”

Donald J. Trump’s incessant drum beating has reached enough disenfranchised fools with guns seeking liberation from frustrations they can’t otherwise escape. In their own bizarre way, the raging boys and girls with guns are just another cruel manifestation of Mother Nature’s punishing game.

Novel coronavirus protesters with their military-style mowing machines and attitudes are suddenly showing up around the country to demonstrate their resolve to reopen America by force of arms. Their sentiment is understandable, their motives are arguably noble, and their reasoning, if any applies, is flawed. Not even revisionist history is on their side.

At another showing last week in Shepherd, Texas, armed protesters showed up to support the owner of a tattoo parlor and bar in Odessa, Texas, which reopened in defiance of an order that it remain shuttered. The New York Times reported that when owner Jamie Williams reopened her East Texas tattoo studio, she asked customer Philip Archibald for help.

“He showed up with his dog Zeus, his friends and his AR-15 semiautomatic rifle.”

For one thing, and this is a huge one thing, at some point the scary appearances of armed protesters among peaceful citizens will provoke a confrontation with authorities to whom they will most certainly lose. Whether or not that will ignite a conflagration will be determined by how armed protesters are tamed now.

Armed force is always in vogue at the movies, at least until ordinary people pursuing ordinary lives are suddenly threatened by strangers with guns. Then it gets real. Most folks are understandably concerned when a bunch of ignorant loudmouths wearing mismatched paramilitary costumes and carrying military-style death machines show up to save them. The potential victim’s usual reaction is to call for help, loudly and repeatedly, ratcheting up tensions already stoked by the appearance of  idiots with guns.

For the 99 percent of Americans who know nothing about such things except what they see on TV, discovering that gun-toting madmen are real is terrifying. There is another view. Military leaders and experienced peace officers are trained to recognize the potential threat to peaceful assembly and categorize it as a complex problem rather than the end of time. The need to even train for such events is a sad commentary on our society.

The first step toward a peaceful solution to an armed confrontation is to seek the  lowest common denominator for finding a nonviolent solution. Contrary to the movies, most mercenary wannabes go home at the thought of facing down real guns. Sane people, especially sane people who have already had to fight for their lives, have no desire to use deadly force. If, however, they are adequately  provoked, they will apply that force  with carefully honed precision.

Conversely, the idiots with the guns are locked in Rambo mode, convinced that with their souped up, $1,000 semi-automatics, they can take out the opposition just like their favorite hero does. The problem is that while they are standing around wearing their best “I’m-not-a-SEAL-but-I-play-one-at-protests face,” the authorities confronting them are thinking about the best way to kill them. Believe it.

The misguided sunshine patriots’ dangerous attitudes are exactly why police forces and military formations routinely train to apply  whatever force is necessary to prevail. In contemporary times, think Waco, Ruby Ridge, Wounded Knee, the Attica Prison riots, and lastly, the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on Jan. 2, 2016. None of them ended well for the insurrectionists, or for the soul of our nation.

Stories of armed protests are woven throughout the fabric of American history. Since the American Revolutionary War, at least 24 major insurrections and dozens of protest- related shootings and slaughters have occurred in America. Among the worst was on September 14, 1874 in New Orleans, LA, when it was the state capital. The Battle of Liberty Place began when 5,000 members of the paramilitary Crescent City White League attacked the outnumbered New Orleans Metropolitan Police and normally sympathetic state militia over perceived racial slights.  Eventually they occupied most of the capital’s important buildings. The despised Federal Army was called in. It made short work of the mostly former Confederate soldiers. About 100 men were killed or wounded on both sides.

Another event in the 20th century was the Green Corn Rebellion in rural Oklahoma on Aug. 2 and 3, 1917. The uprising was a protest to the World War I military draft by European-Americans, tenant farmers, Seminoles, Muscogee Creeks and African-Americans over the 1917 Selective Draft Act. Three protesters died and 450 were arrested. Most of them ended up either in prison or the army.

During the peaceful intervals between rebellions, there were range wars, coal wars, sheep wars, cattle wars, and bloody miner strikes, but nothing that threatened the core institutions of modern society. In today’s world, if the affected governors and lawmen continue to allow these armed thugs to terrify their constituencies without hindrance or repercussions, the situation is going to get out of hand. Somewhere, some governor or sheriff is going to get tired of Bubba and the boys usurping their authority and forcefully act. When they do, somebody is going to get hurt. If the hooligans are lucky, they will get to go to jail. If they aren’t lucky, they may get to visit the morgue. Once the genie is out of the bottle, copycat fools will probably try somewhere else.

Plenty of rebellions, uprisings and protests can be found in a brief chronological walk through the history of American insurrection. In addition to sometimes being colorful in name and deed, the sheer numbers of rebellions since 1775 suggest that today’s boys with guns and the people who have to take them away need to study history’s playbooks before somebody dies as a byproduct of COVID-19.

The United States is in a fragile, vulnerable place. Guns are not the problem. The problem is the idiots openly carrying them around and the bigger idiots encouraging them. A few guns in the hands of zealots could fuel a destructive vendetta that will further politicize the institutions that ostensibly serve us.

No doubt Trump is ecstatic at the very thought. It is getting time to get scared.

24 thoughts on “Why Is Donald J. Trump Encouraging Fools With Guns To Threaten America?

  1. Donald Trump belongs in jail. A President inciting violence is not a president..he is a dictator. The little monkeys that listen to him have a brain the size of a pea. Trump figures if he gives these gun toting idiots the go ahead to pull out their weapons and incite violence on their fellow Americans that will be more votes for him. Face it, he has NEVER BEEN A REAL PRESIDENT OR LEADER. His America is spelled AmeriKKKa. He and the GOP belong behind bars.

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    1. Trump and his cronies should be ousted from power before any more damage is done . It’s beyond comprehension why is is allowed freedom to breed violence through his rhetoric. There is little point in waiting for the election, his followers obviously need to be closed down now. It is unbelievable what American people except. He Is Corrupt And Destroying Everyone In His Path.

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      1. I hope that these displays of what they consider their rights of choosing to look like badasses will stopped soon. Some governor needs to do something. All trump is going to do is tweet about whatever person steps up and run his mouth. Nothing new.

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  2. “Getting time to get scared?” Mr. Helms, if you’re only now getting scared, it can only be because you haven’t been paying attention over the last three years.

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    1. I’m an old man. Nothing scares me except my wife and daughter, and losing everything we worked for our entire lives so as not to burden anyone. Trump is a madman. Back in the day Trump would have been given a Dixie cup full of Thorazine and walked to the bug house by two big guys in white coats offering soothing words. Did you notice he got a haircut? By his standards almost conservative… he KNOWS his popularity is sinking fast.

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      1. I agree Nat, and I do not know what is stopping them now, other than greed, power grabbing, stuffing wallets before the economy crashes, or they just don’t really give a shit about America , they are globalist they can live anywhere, we are stuck with all the messes they make (including the industrial destruction they have created for decades on the lands).


  3. Betsy (Ross) DeVos and husband Dick are sewing this new flag with their new national TV show, brought to you free by the nightly news, Dialing Dollars of Death for Don.

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  4. Encouraging the lowest common denominator of gun rights advocates to act like overzealous armed goons has only one purpose; to encourage gun control legislation. The attempt to disarm the American populace is coming from the top. The top controls the left and the right.

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  5. hanks for reading and commenting CaptMcCoy, not sure what you mean. The lowest common denominator I was referring to is finding a threshold to what is possible without inciting bloodshed. The gun control hysteria and the 2nd Amend BS is a smokescreen for gun zealots to encourage fear of confiscation when wholesale confiscation is not a possibility. With 300 million known weapons in US and probably twice that many considering unregistered heirlooms, war trophies and all the illegal autos and big bore military grade stuff stashed around, that question is moot. The solution is to start arresting anyone who openly carries and/or flourishes a dangerous weapon, shutting down ammo warehouses that sell skids of military grade ammo to idiots, militarizing long guns, disallowing huge capacity magazines, controlling production and sale of ammunition, and mandating penalties that ensure gun confiscation and loss of property every time one of them breaks the law. Nobody wants gun owners in jail, they just want gun owners to behave like other civilized people and play with their killing machines in private.


  6. If one wants to promote the idea of retaining the citizens rights to bear arms acting irresponsibly with a weapon would be counter effective. If one wants to sabotage persons supporting the 2nd Amendment purposefully acting irresponsible with weapons would be a way to accomplish this. As would wearing swastikas and doing Nazi salutes. The people doing these things are sabotaging our constitution and those who are trying to retain it. These are intentional acts, even if only the leadership of such organizations involved are guilty. The lowest common denominator would refer the the fools these guys manipulate.
    I agree that mass confiscation is probably not possible. If you would have asked me could the government detain people without notifying families or the press on a secret warrant before the “Patriot” Act I would have said no. That is not the case today.
    These political efforts are not about the short term. The forces manipulating our society are looking down the road 100 or more years. Today’s young, millennials, didn’t see pre 9/11 America. They don’t know the changes that occurred. They have grown up in an internet driven semi-surveillance society. They seem to have no qualms about violating each other’s privacy using electronics. The official press and Congress are having serious discussion about whether certain posters, mainly conspiratorial, should be allowed to be online. In other words Censorship.
    We can say now the government can’t or wont be able to confiscate weapons but can we say the same will be true 50 years from now.

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    1. Anything is possible. Trump is an anomaly. He will be gone and perhaps.. perhaps… we will elect a sane person who really believes being President is being the guardian of constitutional democracy. Trump is not rooted in democracy… he is rooted in capitalism, an entirely different set of worms.

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  7. one thing…”AMERICA” IS NOT A COUNTRY…! The United States is but ONE Country besides th 35+ others in “AMERICA”


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