Help us fight Facebook censorship by posting our content!

Dear supporter of The Shinbone Star:


Once again, our social media coordinator was summarily thrown into Facebook Prison for the high crime of trying to share our content to as many eyes as possible. The content judged too inflammatory: this morning’s Trumplandia column (click the big red word to the left to view it in a separate window, but finish reading this first).

A quick review of the column reveals no photos that in the past might have triggered such an action — pictures of Donald Trump in a Waffen SS uniform, for instance, or anything of that ilk. In fact, the column only features one use of the F-word, and that’s in quoted material from shock jock Howard Stern. It’s well down into the column, however, and it seems unlikely to us that an illiterate, Bible-thumping Trump supporter would even have gotten that far.

No, the more likely cause is simply one of Trump’s minions who doesn’t like any of our content and will lodge a complaint about The Shinbone Star as a matter of course.

As for Facebook, it seems their hired lackeys will take the word of a rabid Trumper over that of a rabid anti-Trumper every time. Also, with the Facebook Penal System, there is never a right of appeal, nor even an explanation.

What can you do? As a faithful reader, you can click that Facebook icon at the bottom of every Shinbone Star page and share our content to your personal page and to any anti-Trump groups to which you belong. It may not seem like much, but every share is a big help to us. The same applies to other social media platforms, and you’ll also find ways to share our content with them, too.

All it takes is a click. Not too much to ask to help the providers of content you receive almost every day for free, is it?

Please help us spread the word every day, but especially when Facebook deprives us of the right to do it ourselves. It’s just one small thing you can do to fight the Trump regime and unfair censorship by the largest social media platform on the planet.

Thank you for your support,
Shinbone Star staff

5 thoughts on “Help us fight Facebook censorship by posting our content!

  1. Just one more and you can even find this out yourself. I ran atheist groups too. I was probably the most banned person on Fascistbook. They would ban me for telling off a loudmouthed Christian punk, or a Trumpanzee and jail me.

    They once jailed me for telling off a Roman Catholic woman who said I should be gang raped and beaten to death for the lies my group Survivors of Roman Catholic Priest Sex Abuse. I simply stated in a response to her no thanks bitch, I already was raped by your scum priests and did not like it. She did not get jailed though for saying I deserved to be gang-raped or beaten to death of course.

    I would be jailed for BS, absolute bs and the moment I got back on? In a day or so? I would be jailed again. My profile is still up on Fascistbook though they banned me. You can actually see it. Where I would post for two or three days and then be gone for 30 days for jail and come back and in two or three days be jailed again. Especially for what I was posting in my anti-Trump groups.


  2. I am been given a facebook timeout twice now. The most recent was my comment on a picture from a news article I posted from a mainstream source. The white evangelicals had their hands straight out and were listed as Trump supporters. I thought they looked like Nazis in that pose. I also thought their beliefs were far more egregious than my comment.


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