Sunday morning in America

11 thoughts on “Sunday morning in America

    1. I have one neighbor gonna take his godson to the beach today (whichever one it is, it’s far away and bound to be crazy crowded). My other neighbors’ kids have been playing outside after schoolwork was finished since the digital classrooms started, and they hang out nearly every day. Some are probably having cookouts with extended family this weekend.

      Yeah, I’m gonna stay home as much as humanly possible… or if I have to shop, it’s gonna be first thing in the morning when they open the store and get out fast. I’m not hanging around anywhere. I’m more concerned now than ever, and the vigilance is getting tiring.


      1. I will continue to self isolate, wear a mask and gloves when out and about, and use social distancing staying 6 feet to 100 miles away from others. Why? Actually…I prefer it! Always have always will.

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  1. I am still trying to wrap my head around the high number of deaths in elder care facilities and prisons. Didn’t we do all this social distancing, stay home and wear a mask stuff to prevent this? One would assume employees at these places were getting their temps taken and staying home if they felt sick.


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