Did Donald Trump Hide In A Bunker Because He Heard Antifa Was Near

Americans who fought fascism during the Spanish Civil War gave birth to the Antifa movement.

Donald J. Trump wants to add the anti-fascist anarchists of the loosely knit, poorly defined Antifa political movement to America’s international terrorist list (Antifa is shorthand for anti-fascist). Trump made his desire known last week the morning after hiding in a subterranean White House bunker until Secret Service told him it was safe to come out.

“These people are ANARCHISTS. Call in our National Guard NOW. The World is watching and laughing at you and Sleepy Joe. Is this what America wants? NO!!!” Trump tweeted hysterically after his ridiculous ordeal. It seems far more likely the world was laughing at Cadet Bone Spurs, Candy Ass First Class.

Trump’s international legion of haters had a field day making jokes about his panicked reaction after major news outlets broke in to their America Is Burning voice-overs to report the leader of the free world was in hiding, whisked away by the Secret Service when hundreds of protesters materialized near the White House. Among those protesters, officials now claim, were a handful of Antifa demonstrators wearing their trademark black masks.

Lambasted in the press for his very public lack of cajones, a far more ferocious Donald Trump the next day berated the nation’s governors during a nationwide conference call, accusing them of being “weak” in the face of burgeoning civil unrest. Trump demanded they “dominate” the protestors who spent the weekend rampaging across America, showing their distaste for badge-heavy cops who murder black men and get away with it.

Trump is right about one thing, Antifa is real. But what it is and how it works is shrouded in intentional mystery.

Depending on what is available to read, Antifa is either a left-wing, grassroots movement of part-time agitprop actors, or a sinister underground organization intent on undermining American democracy. Beyond scary masks and furtive gestures, Antifa has so far limited itself to urging others to shout invective and burn other people’s property before running away.

Mark Bray, a teacher at Dartmouth College and author of “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook,” says that idealists who perceive that Antifa is a “liberal” organization with middle-class ideals and understandable goals are deluding themselves. “At the heart of the anti-fascist outlook is a rejection of [the] classical liberal phrase,” he says.

Bray, a supporter and apologist for Antifa, defined the movement as “an illiberal politic of social revolution applied to fighting the Far Right, not only literal fascists.” To put a finer point on Bray’s perspective, Antifa sees enemies when anyone or any organization espouses principles it doesn’t agree with.

“Antifa: What Americans Need to Know about the Alt-Left,” a book produced without attribution by the ultra-conservative WorldNetDaily.com, claims Antifa represents a “world view” and a “way of life” for secretive anti-fascists intent on engaging in a “kind of eternal counterinsurgency against human nature itself.” The unnamed authors claim Antifa is “America’s most dangerous domestic terrorist group” and call the Antifa movement the “rise of the alt-left.”

History offers a few clues. The origins of America’s contemporary Antifa movement can be traced to the confused days before World War II when millions of Nazi adherents in Germany, France, Great Britain and the United States gathered regularly to promote National Socialism and the Nazi Party. It is hard to believe now, but before World War II, American Nazis filled up Madison Square Garden with jackbooted storm troopers Sieg Heiling the night away.

When the Spanish Civil War erupted in 1936 between the elected Republican government headed by socialist leader Francisco Largo Caballero and supporters of fascist rebel general Francisco Franco, international communists, socialists, apolitical adventurers and down-and-out relics from the great Depression joined the outgunned Republicans to oppose Franco.

Each side was subsidized with money channeled from sympathetic countries and individuals opposed to one ideology or the other. Adolf Hitler’s Condor Legion was Franco’s biggest supporter. Fellow mass murderer Joseph Stalin provided similar support for the left-leaning Republicans.

Several thousand Americans joined the so-called Abraham Lincoln Brigade, an international formation of idealists and adventurers who fought bravely on the side of the Spanish Republic. Of the approximately 3,015 volunteers who joined from the United States, 681 were killed in action or died of wounds and disease. Their astounding courage in Spain provided them with considerable traction back home, until the brutal three-year civil war ended on April 1, 1939.

Before the participants were home long enough to rest on their laurels, World War II began in Europe. After the dust finally settled in September 1945, the ill-formed and barely identifiable Antifa movement quietly disappeared. The world soon forgot those anti-fascist volunteers who were among the first people to face the Nazi scourge with actions rather than words.

Subsequently, the Antifa movement was generally forgotten until the name re-emerged after the election of Donald J. Trump. He needed some left-wing villains to associate with liberals and fragmented, obscure, self-proclaimed Antifa agitators fit the bill perfectly.

Contemporary Antifa proponents, usually hidden behind masks, argue that their pugnacious movement still exists solely to fight fascism. For proof, they offer the Unite The Right debacle at Charlottesville, Va., on Aug. 12, 2017 as a recent example of their resolve.

For a brief time after the events there ended in assault and murder, Antifa basked in the narrative that it was the only political force at the Virginia disturbance willing to oppose the armed, far-right rednecks who came to Charlottesville to rescue a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from damn Yankees, liberal Jews and their black supporters. Trump singled out the Antifa movement as icons of the left-wing maniacs he was elected to destroy.

Before the demonstration in Charlottesville could begin, the scene erupted in violence between the good ol’ boys and a handful of reputed Antifa agitators. In the front ranks of the liberal contingent’s band of less-provocative protesters were the alleged Antifa agitators, waving their red-and-black banners and flags.

On the other side of the park, neo-Nazi rednecks with guns and quasi-Nazi struts dared them to get it on. Dozens were injured in the ensuing brawl. The fighting didn’t end until the police came down hard on everyone involved after a Unite the Right activist used his car to kill counter-demonstrator Heather Heyer.

Last Sunday night, the Secret Service decided to put out the lights at the White House when protesters were arguably provoked to violence by Antifa agitators in nearby Lafayette Park. Whether or not Trump agreed with the decision, the White House going black is symbolic both of Trump’s complete absence of leadership and his need to find somebody besides himself to blame for the mayhem gripping the nation.

“The White House is still there,” one pundit noted, “but it seems as if no one is home.”

9 thoughts on “Did Donald Trump Hide In A Bunker Because He Heard Antifa Was Near

  1. Lord knows, I’m not a defender of Donald J. Trump. I can’t think of a time when I said a nice word about him. But his retreat to the shelter under the White House doesn’t necessarily show cowardice on his part.
    The U.S. Secret Service is in charge of the president’s security. When the agents believe a president is in danger, they act first and discuss it later. Former VP Dick Chaney in a documentary about Air Force 1 on 911 said he was in his office in the White House when agents rushed into his office. One grabbed him by the arm and by the belt, lifted him from his chair and hustled him to the shelter. No one asked him if he wanted to go.
    Everyone’s favorite president, Jed Bartlett from the West Wing, once had a conversation with his press secretary about security. He said something along the lines of when it comes to security, what the presidential detail chief says he wants us to do, we do.
    At least for that incident, Trump’s hands are clean. If the Secret Service thought he was in immediate danger, the president’s feet probably didn’t touch the floor while agent hustled him to the shelter.
    He may be an ass, a blowhard and a draft dodger but on this he shouldn’t be criticized.

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    1. Hi tom, sorry for the delay in responding… was out of town visiting family… barely seen them since this mess started. I understand your point and disagree. The President cvannot hide like a mole. He can override the Secret Service if he so desires. History is replete with examples of Presidents putting themselves in harm’s way to show their resolve. Trump hid like the coward he is. Can’t change his stripes .


  2. Late 90s early aughts Internationals ANSWER had a contingent of what would now be called Antifa. Mostly middle class white kids from the suburbs rebelling against capitalism by breaking storefronts and burning limos.

    Now they’re middle class dads with carefully trimmed hipster beards.

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    1. I was only in one protest, at DC either in ’71 or ’72 as a guest of the Dubois (SP) Society who provided a convoy of buses from Mizzou to DC. It turned out ot be a combination protest, rock concert and marijuana glorification exercise. The US Marshals Service and USANG chased us around gassing us… then we got back on busses and came home. No looting, no bloodshed and very little protesting usless you call running from gas a protest. Just thought… it was the scene portrayed in Forrest Gump without all the drama.


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