On deaf ears: If not for yourself, at least take COVID-19 precautions for others

A large group of North Carolina morons marched on the capital in Raleigh back in April, decrying recommendations that they wear masks to help fight what they their president called a “hoax” pandemic. A couple months later, some of those people have no doubt exchanged their costumes for hospital gowns and ventilators, with COVID-19 cases spiking in the state.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  The Shinbone Star’s staff doctor has been doing more than mending our sprained typing fingers lately. A lot more.


It is difficult to convey the seriousness of a pandemic when you are one lone voice, just a small family doctor in a small southern town.

When you are fighting against forces bigger than you, forces that say it’s a hoax, it’s some evil political agenda, that it’s God’s will, when you know, when you’ve seen with your own eyes, the toll this infection takes and that it doesn’t have to get this bad. People don’t always die, but they think they will, and it can take some people months to recover, some develop lifelong debilitating complications.

You won’t see that in a meme, but you will see people disregard the 120.000+ American deaths as if those people don’t really matter. As if that’s the cost for business as usual. What is the cost for protecting others? One piece of cloth over your face? Washing your hands with soap and water? Oh the tragedy of taking away your freedom!!

It will go down in history as one of the great American tragedies that we can not, as a nation, rally together to protect each other. I urge each of you to look at your mothers, your fathers, your grandparents, your family members with preexisting conditions, wear the mask for them. If you don’t care about the health and well-being of others at least take the precautions for them.

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17 thoughts on “On deaf ears: If not for yourself, at least take COVID-19 precautions for others

      1. I wonder how many of them would shut up and put one on if Dump did… but he never will. Bizarre behavior for a germaphobe, really. Of course, he can get tested every freaking day while I’ve been hoping to find a loophole that would let ME get tested since this started. I’ll have to settle for being extra paranoid on my own behalf and on behalf of those I have to help and work with.

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      2. Or maybe they’re just telling him what he wants to hear, that he’s superman and invincible and won’t get sick… but then again, everyone else would be wearing hazmat suits around him all the time if he was.
        If it came to that, they could just tell him that his brilliance shines too brightly and they don’t want sunburn. He’d be smug and vain enough to buy that.

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      3. I was wondering with Trump if his constant anger issues is somehow protecting him from getting the virus. He has been exposed so many times. Could Adrenalin do that? I saw that there wasn’t a big surge of Covid after the BLM protests. Maybe anger was protecting them too? But I’d hate to have to be angry all the time as a protection.

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      4. too headache-inducing. I’m realizing i fit the definition of an empathetic person more and more–I am heavily influenced by the emotions around me. Sheesh–explains why I’m more uptight and unnerved at work lately. People are losing all sense of chill.

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