Trump’s leadership ‘skills’ touted by business executive? Really?

“Beans, beans, the fruit of the heart, the more you eat the more you . . . ” and boy, GOYA Foods CEO Robert Unanue sure squeezed off a doozy!

Late last week, Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue offered this observation on Impeached President Donald J. Trump during a speech after a roundtable with other Hispanic leaders and Trump:

“We’re all truly blessed at the same time to have a leader like President Trump, who is a builder.”

Blessed to have Trump “leading” the country? Seriously?

Hey Mr. Unanue and all you other CEOs of American-based businesses, wake up! Open your eyes! Because when you do, you’ll see more than 130,000 American citizens dead from COVID-19, a disease that your man — your “great” leader — all but ignored for a couple of months while it swept across the country.

Trump’s “leadership” skills used to battle this killer disease? He mistakenly predicted in late January that it would disappear when the weather warmed up. Well, we’re into July and it’s hot — though not hotter than hell, I’m sure — and guess what? COVID-19 continues to infect millions of people and kill hundreds of folks from all walks of life every day.

Where’s the national plan to combat COVID-19? Trump reluctantly acknowledged it as a pandemic only after the World Health Organization declared it such. Until last weekend, he consistently ignored the recommendations of his administration’s health and science officials that called for wearing masks and social distancing to slow the spread of the virus.

Forget the mask issue for a moment. Trump constantly argues against all logic provided by health experts that the reason America has such a high count of coronavirus cases is because we are testing more people than any other country. His reasoning goes something like this: If we tested fewer people, the number of cases and deaths would go down.

You’re a well-educated businessman, Mr. Unanue. Surely you understand this is nonsense, right? You realize it’s a numbers game Trump is playing with the voting public.

It sounds logical if you take it at face value, but most folks understand that fewer tests won’t make COVID-19 “simply disappear,” as Trump has said on numerous occasions, contradicting the views of well-respected health care officials across the country and around the world.

An important note: doctors who work in the country’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), whose life’s work is to deal with pandemics, continue to challenge Trump’s view of the virus and its impact on our country.

Even if testing is reduced, the disease will still infect and kill people. We just won’t know how many of us are spreading the coronavirus around, and doctors and nurses treating infected patients won’t necessarily know what kills them if they weren’t identified as having been infected with the virus.

Seriously, Mr. Unanue, you consider this “great leadership?” You think we are fortunate to have Trump operating out of the White House?

The deaths of tens of thousands of Americans from COVID-19 isn’t the only crisis Trump has failed to effectively address in recent months. When George Floyd, an unarmed Black man, was murdered by a Minneapolis policeman in May, America and the world erupted to protest his death.

Black Lives Matter protestors took to the streets in cities across the country demanding an end to law enforcement violence against people of color and systemic racism that continues to plague the well-being of the country. Local, state and national lawmakers called for a defunding of police departments, or at least a reorganization of how police departments operate on a daily basis to protect and defend citizens of their communities.

Trump’s leadership on this emotional and volatile issue that has prevented America from living up to its core founding principle of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness regardless of race, religious or sexual orientation?

His signature statement, caught by camera crews covering Black Lives Matter demonstrators in front of the White House, was to have protestors attacked with pepper spray, rubber bullets and pushed aside by law enforcement officers at the direction of U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr, so he and members of his administration could walk across the street to a church for a photo opportunity.

Remember the video of Trump standing in front of the church holding up a Bible, Mr. Unanue? Remember he couldn’t even identify whose “Good Book” it was when questioned by a reporter about its owner. “It’s a Bible,” was his remarkably unintelligent answer.

That photo-op is just one example of Trump’s inability to lead the country through this ongoing racial crisis. When New York City leaders recently approved the painting of a Black Lives Matter sign on 5th Avenue directly in front of Trump Tower, the “great leader” labeled that action as “a symbol of hate.

Instead of reaching out to Black Lives Matter leaders to talk through their grievances and pull together local, state and national leaders from all segments of the populace, Trump resorted as he always does to expressing anger toward people he doesn’t understand and figures won’t vote for him in November.

This, Mr. Unanue, is a “great leader?” Seriously? This is a man who you believe we should be thankful to have sitting in the White House tweeting out angry, hateful, divisive and self-serving messages 24/7.

Granted you’re not the only major business executive to support Trump’s anti-American, criminal behavior. You just happen to be the most recent sycophant of the man who wants to shape our country into being part of his family business that, by the way, includes failed casinos and a number of other bankrupt operations that cost investors a considerable amount of money.

Keep in mind, Mr. Unanue, Trump is plowing through billions of taxpayer dollars, increasing the federal deficit to exceedingly dangerous levels while pouring tens of millions of Americans’ hard-earned dollars into Trump Organization operations.

The swamp he promised to drain back in 2016 is now filled with creatures who find a way to pocket massive financial benefits for backing this failed businessman.

Sorry, Mr. Unanue, but we are not thankful that Trump is president. He doesn’t represent American values. He doesn’t think about anyone but himself. He only cares about finding ways to maintain a lavish lifestyle for himself and his high-rolling friends.

Plus, he prefers to believe Russian President Vladimir Putin’s denial about that country’s involvement in disrupting the 2016 presidential election instead of U.S. intelligence officers and intelligence operations from our allies around the world.

Some say we need to stop talking about the last election. Well, that would be fine if Russia wasn’t knee deep in efforts to cook the books for Trump when votes are cast on Nov. 3, 2020.

Trump, by any reasonable measure, is far from a great leader. He is a traitor to America and as corrupt a business person who has ever set foot in the White House.

Please, Mr. Unanue, walk back your statement. It only encourages Trump and his enablers to continue to divide our country.

* * *

Postscript: A personal note, if you don’t mind.

After three and a half years of hammering out articles/posts for The Shinbone Star, my laptop keyboard is going silent. I have expressed all the anger, concerns, fears, warnings about Impeached President Donald J. Trump that hurt my heart and head.

The Shinbone Star has many talented and loyal Americans on staff fighting against the stain on our country that is Trump. Posts to this site are thoughtful, interesting and well worth a read each day. Please continue to follow the site and view the articles as often as possible.

My time here is done. Just one final request: Vote for Joe Biden on Nov. 3. Get your family and friends to cast their ballots for the former vice president. There won’t be any “not necessary” votes this time around. Trump and his handler, Vladimir Putin will have their tricks out in force on Election Day.

America can’t withstand four more years of Trump.

Peace out.

— MACinelli

EDITOR’S NOTE: An unofficial count shows that MACinelli authored 162 essays in his time at The Shinbone Star, and that’s not even counting the “All Hat, No Cattle” feature, which was totally Mac’s concept and kept alive by his nurturing. Like all members of our staff, he received zero compensation for any of his work other than our sincerest thanks. He is a true professional; a newspaperman’s newspaperman. It is with sadness that we honor his decision to step aside at this time. Thanks again, Mac. We’ll keep the light on for you. — G.R.

2 thoughts on “Trump’s leadership ‘skills’ touted by business executive? Really?

  1. I’ll miss your writing, but if you must go out for the sake of your sanity, this is a good way to leave on a high note. But you know we’re like the mob: Every time someone tries to get out, we pull them back in!

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Hope you reconsider. Distressed that you are leaving. I love your work and dedication. We are almost there. Almost four years of daily reminders of Delusional Donald’s disgusting antics chronicled. It’s too close to quit. 😎✊


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