Best to start stocking a few supplies for beyond November 3

Whether you’re planning to vote by mail or have decided to brave the COVID breath of your fellow Americans by voting in person, many Democrats (and some enlightened Republicans) have circled Nov. 3 on their calendars as the day we can finally end Donald Trump.

Nov. 3, for those of you who have been living under a rock, is Election Day, and it is indeed important, perhaps the most important day in the lifetimes of any person now alive.

But there’s another date that one could argue might be equally important: Circle Jan. 20, 2021 on your calendar, too, because that’s Inauguration Day, and it’s where the rubber hits the road.

Of course, worrying about Inauguration Day is moot if Trump wins. That would be like worrying about toe fungus after you’ve been told you have terminal cancer. With a victory, Trump will have carte blanche to continue wrecking the country while ignoring the rule of law. Carnage? We ain’t seen nothing yet. Think of Election Day in these stark terms: Right now, today, the United States of America might have only about four months to live.

Inauguration Day, however, comes into play if Democratic challenger Joe Biden wins. It’s just a lot of speeches and parties, right? Well, maybe not this time, because nobody really knows what Trump is going to do until it’s actually time for him to leave.

Let’s say, just for the sake of argument, that Biden actually pulls this thing off and defeats Trump not only in the popular vote, but also in the Electoral College, that quaint anachronism that befuddles both foreigner and American alike.

Huzzah! Joe Biden is president! Now what?

What if Trump decides he’s not going to leave? It has never happened in American history, which makes it exactly the kind of thing that would appeal to Our Donnie.

Can’t happen? Consider:

  • Before 2016, did you think you would ever see a president surround himself with felons?
  • Did you ever think we would have a president who is quite probably a felon himself?
  • Did you think you would ever see a president who flat out refuses to release his tax returns and gets away with it?
  • Did you think you would ever see a president order the Executive Branch to ignore lawful subpoenas from Congress . . . and get away with that, too?
  • Did you think you would ever see a president lie some 18,000 times and still maintain a rabid following of deplorable morons?
  • A president who defies the rule of law?
  • A president who profits from his office by defying the emoluments clause?
  • A president who separates families and throws brown children into cages?
  • A president who sidles up to autocrats while spurning traditional allies?
  • Who beds porn stars while courting Christians?
  • Who is best buds with a guy who placed a bounty on U.S. troops?
  • Who sides with the Confederacy over the United States of America he ostensibly leads?
  • Who mismanages a coronavirus pandemic that will have killed . . . who the hell knows how many people it will have killed by November?

You’ve seen all that and more from Donald Trump, but now you think a little thing like “the will of the people” will magically prevent him from staying on as president?

What if he decides to play, “Let’s see what happens if . . .”

Maybe tanks next time?

What happens if Trump claims the election was tainted, says that until there’s a full investigation — which could take months — he’s going to stay in the Oval Office and rings the White House with steel fences, troops and tanks? (Seen anything similar lately?)

What happens if Trump declares a National Emergency and invokes martial law in America’s largest cities, claiming there can be no transition during such a crisis? (He’s already making noises like that, perhaps a trial run before November or January? LINK)

OMG, be well, RBG!

What happens if Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies between now and Nov. 3, and Trump gets to add another conservative to a right-leaning court? (Our beloved RBG is just home from yet another stay in the hospital.)

What happens if Trump and Attorney General William Barr cook up some crackpot theory that Biden, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton created COVID-19 in a secret lab in China, Ted Cruz has the evidence, and the country can’t be handed over to the “Democrat Party” after such a devastating revelation?

It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

Go ahead, dream up your own crazy what if for how Trump stays in power. I guarantee that no matter what you come up with, it won’t be any zanier than what is being seriously debated in MAGA strongholds this very minute.

We need to start thinking about “what if” because, let’s face it, with this Trump administration, we’ve already seen a thousand “what ifs” we thought we would never see.

Inauguration Day could be like that scene in the “Alien” movie where Sigourney Weaver is finally breathing a sigh of relief in the escape pod, only to look up and see that you-know-who is in there with her.

Or maybe we should think about Election Day as if it were just Chapter One in Bram Stoker’s “Dracula,” knowing that things could take an even darker turn as the pages keep turning. Voting Trump out of office could be only the first step we’re going to need to see this thing through.

My advice is to start stockpiling now. March on the White House and bring your own space suits, crosses, garlic wreaths and wooden stakes!

6 thoughts on “Best to start stocking a few supplies for beyond November 3

  1. Well, the rich folks have already brought their New Zealand get a ways and the crazy folks have gotten all the prime land in Idaho, so what’s a poor boy to do ?

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