As the outrages pile up, the Empire State strikes back

Oval Office Occupant Donald Trump is a lying, cheating, thieving, racist, traitorous, vile, backstabbing, miserable son of a bitch.

And those are his good traits.

His insidious war on highly respected (by other than Trump and his worshippers) Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, is another of his “shoot the messenger” tantrums.

Insiders say he and Fauci haven’t spoken in weeks. They are in awe and envious of the doctor.

Fauci has more intelligence in his little pinkie than intelligence-challenged Dumb Donnie will ever have.

Flawless Donnie claims Dr. Fauci “has made lots of mistakes.” FYI, Doofus, your mistakes have led to the deaths and infection of more Americans than citizens of any other countries in the F’n WORLD.

While Trump and his most fervent worshipers are spreading the facade that the Coronavirus has peaked and it’s safe to mingle sans mask, thus increasing American deaths, Fauci is warning us that the fat virus isn’t finished singing its lullaby of Death.

His blowjob Vice President Michael Pence sings Delusional Donald’s bullshit daily. His Mother tells him it’s fine and dandy to reopen schools and other places of mass gatherings. Like Dumb Donnie’s nonstop campaign rallies.

His Secretary of Education, Betsy “My Family is Fucking Rich” DeVos, who has ZERO qualifications for her job, other than giving him millions and possibly other perks, is also encouraging his delusional rants. Likely her grandchildren aren’t in those lowbrow schools.

Many of the saner voters are encouraging her and The Donald to attend those classes, maskless, for a few hours daily. They are advocating they take family members for support.

Both Fat-assed Don and “Look into my lifeless eyes” Betsy are threatening to cut off federal aid to schools that put the lives and safety of students and staff above threats.

These two governmental limits-challenged mental midgets have no idea that state schools are STATE funded.

Speaking of traitorous, Putin Cock Sock Don  has yet to confront Puttie about paying Afghanistan soldiers a bounty for murdering America soldiers.

His and the tRumplican Party’s silence is vulgar.

Signaling “My Office of Law and Order sale of pardons and commutations is open,” he commuted his pal Roger Stone’s prison sentence even before Rog ever served a second behind bars.

Of all the unspeakable acts this creature has enacted, this is bile-rising.

Stone has a big tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back — really. Political pundits are suggesting he add one of Traitorous Don.

At least a few tRumplicans got off their knees long enough to make half-assed complaints.

In an act of raising a public middle finger to Fat-assed Donnie, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat,  had the words “Black Lives Matter” painted on Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower.

If only he would rename the street Barack Obama Boulevard, the job would be complete.

2 thoughts on “As the outrages pile up, the Empire State strikes back

  1. Thank you Shinbone. For keeping many of us sane! Trump is clearly insane and with the Rethugnikkkans like McConnell and his pals allowing g this nightmare to continue. They will rot in hell and hopefully many of them will rot in cells, including trumps 3 eldest mutant gene pools

    Your work is needed and appreciated by this 70 year old woman.

    Eileen Cavanaugh
    Orange,, CT
    Lifelong Democrat

    Liked by 1 person

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