There’s no dumb like Trump dumb, and how is this guy our president?

Every newspaper I worked for had at least one guy who led a charmed life, who somehow managed to keep his job even though everything he touched turned to shit.

Did he have dirty pictures of the publisher? Did he have a rich daddy who was a stockholder in the company? Was he dating the editor-in-chief’s daughter? No one knew. But the one thing we did know was to never let down our guard when editing that guy’s copy.

Now at any newspaper it is sometimes necessary to cut corners, usually as deadline approaches. The thought was to get the late story into the paper and we’d correct any minor errors in the second edition. But that was not how we handled things when it was a story from our golden boy, because his errors could in no way ever be called minor. When you drew the black bean and pulled up one of this guy’s gems, you knew your job was in peril even if his never was.

Which leads me to Donald Trump. How is it that everyone in the White House isn’t pulling out all the stops to keep our Blunderer in Chief constantly under wraps?

“Yos-emite?” Seriously?

While reading a speech that was clearly written by someone else, nobody thought to go over the pronunciations with the biggest idiot in the room? What kind of West Wing dolts wouldn’t have insisted that a guy like Trump should maybe give that thing a test read before going live?

While signing legislation that created five new national monuments and expanded several national parks — the sort of announcement that even most liberals would celebrate — Trump still managed to step in a bucket of shit.

Normally I’d give his handlers a pass because, really, it’s hard to imagine that the president of the United States wouldn’t know how to say Yosemite, as in Yosemite National Park, that jewel of the park system that is visited by 4 million Americans a year.

But as much as I might want to give them a pass, I simply can’t, because like that one reporter at every newspaper, there’s ample evidence to believe that Trump will fuck up even the simple stuff.


  • Wear a mask during a pandemic? Simple, right? Nope.
  • Protester killed by a white supremacist? Condemn the KKK, Nazis and the Confederalis, right? Nope, they’re “good people.”
  • Civil rights icon John Lewis dies? Honor his legacy, right? Nope, Trump can only say Lewis “didn’t come to my inauguration.”

This is the president of the United States, folks, the leader of the free world, and he’s dumber than a rock. Every American should be ashamed, but his handlers should be doubly ashamed. They know better than anyone exactly what they’re dealing with and still let him display his awesome stupidity for the world.

So embarrassed.

Trump dome (left) and Yosemite’s Half Dome. Tough to say which is filled with more granite.

9 thoughts on “There’s no dumb like Trump dumb, and how is this guy our president?

  1. So what’s really happening? Whose agenda? Who is pulling the strings? Who is doing what while we are watching the rodeo clown? Inquiring minds want to know.

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    1. I think he’s largely carrying forward the GOP agenda, to the extent that they control him. Certainly the racism and the voter disenfranchisement of non-white voters is Republican 101.


    2. There were several times that the administration announced it was “infrastructure” week. Then we could see, in the news, a round of jokes because “nothing” was done about infrastructure. We think of infrastructure as public bridges and roads and maybe airports, etcetera. It dawned on me, much later, that they were, rather, plowing through private (corporate and for banking profits) infrastructure that had been controversial with the public. So, for instance, the pipeline Obama eventually put a halt to — after the protests of the “water protectors” on Native American land — got done after all.

      (Now, thankfully, there has been a Supreme Court decision stating that the proper environmental impact considerations were skipped. The oil in the Dakota Access pipeline had to be emptied out, by a certain date, by court order. However, I don’t think there is a guarantee the pipeline won’t be used again and fully integrated into the oil industry after a presentable study on the environment is brought forth. It got done with the use of publicly employed officers acting on behalf of private corporations on reserved treaty land, as if ownership by others is pointless when a bunch of rich people want it.)

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  2. My thoughts on how Trump became president. Blame the Dems for putting a flawed candidate in Hillary, the liberal media that gave him tons of free media coverage every time he said something dumb or crazy. Blame Jim Comey for his comments a week before the election and for voters who stayed home because they didn’t like Hillary or Trump.
    Finally, blame uneducated white gun loving males and are just stupid.

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    1. We should have done a better job predicting the Hillary backlash, but when you closely examine her qualifications, she was imminently qualified to president. She would have done a better job than Trump with her eyes closed and one hand tied behind her back.

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  3. When you know more than anyone alive and are a better president than Lincoln, nobody can tell you nothing. Well maybe except pal Putin.

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