Up yours, Donald Trump, you’re the first asterisk pre*ident

“Today, Donald is much as he was at three years old: incapable of growing, learning,
or evolving, unable to regulate his emotions, moderate his responses
or take in or synthesize information.”
— Niece Mary Trump, PhD Advanced Psychological Studies From her book, ‘Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man’

As an Oval Office Occupant, Donald Trump behaves like a 3-year old — The Tantrum Terrible Threes. The only traits missing are the falling on the floor, screaming and kicking. At 74, he’s nothing more than a bloated supersized man-child. He throws tantrums and stalks away when asked the tough questions that come with the job.

He belittles like a schoolyard bully, giving adolescent nicknames and sucking up to other bullies like Kim “Little Rocket Man” Jong-un, Vladimir Putin, brutal Philippines leader, Rodrigo Duterte, Chinese murderer and torturer Xi Jinping, and Egypt’s Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, among others.

Our very unstable disingenuous whacko job Oval Office Occupant #45 Dumpf Fuck Donald Trump threatens, “If Joe Biden wins in November, the “media will go down along with our great USA!”

Since when does this scrotum-faced asswipe give a good goddamn about the media?

“Is this what you want for your President???” Trump ejaculated. “With no ratings, media will go down along with our great USA!”

Actually, big fat, dumb Donnie, it would be a pleasant relief to have someone in the Oval Office who didn’t worry about his or her ratings, didn’t make bilious bullshit lies and play golf for the equivalent of a full year of his term.

You are now belittling Biden’s religious faith? This from a pissant-brained dipshit who seldom darkens a church door, preferring to golf on the Sabbath, and who can’t name a single chapter nor quote from the Bible.

Any other candidate for the Oval Office could have had a fucking lobotomy and still be 50 points above your alleged IQ, Donnie!

“Stable Genius” your yuge lard ass. The closest you will ever come to stable is being a loudmouthed horse’s ass.

Being reared in a loveless, non-nurturing home by an uncaring father and essentially absentee mother has bequeathed us — you, a similarly uncaring creature, incapable of empathy and a self-created narcissistic, bigoted, dick-headed failure.

Honestly? Voters could have plucked any semiconscious vomit-covered human lying in a culvert and he’d have been better than your lazy ass.

You will never be more than an asterisk. President is a title you will never deserve, so we’ll make call you Pre*ident. You backed into the job, surprising even yourself. Almost 3,000,000 more of us voted for Hillary, than for you, and, it eats at you every single waking moment.

With fewer than 100 days left in your term, you have yet to come close to your brag of “being so pre*idential that you people will be so bored.”

You, who are so fond of bestowing adolescent nicknames, should have one yourself. How about “The Great Deflector,” since that’s essentially all you’ve accomplished during almost four years of ass-scratching, smoke-out-your-ass bragging and lying.

Almost 30,000 comb-over bald-spot-hiding, faux-orange-haired lies and will be your biggest accomplishment. Sad. For all Americans.

Deflector Donnie, you cavalierly poopooed this deadly coronavirus, you came into the office with a dream situation, a tRumplican Congress, and pissed it all away. You let your hatred of a Black president who made you look like the complete fool you are squander your time your chance to achieve something.

Now, you are blatantly trying to steal this election, aided by your Republican Ship of Vipers and Fools.

You, the least qualified, least prepared, least mentally stable pre*sident — ever— promised the moon, but only showed the world your fat ass.

In short, you could have been a contender, but hatred boiled your tiny brain, causing your urine-tinted spray-painted skin to pour venom into your tiny eyes, mouth and heart.

Maybe a more apt moniker for you would be “The Great Pretender.”

2 thoughts on “Up yours, Donald Trump, you’re the first asterisk pre*ident

  1. It’s a little too rough to reblog, but I’m going to do some serious forwarding! Mind you, this is pretty much EXACTLY how we talk at home, but I have a g-rated site and while I can stretch it a little, I can’t completely run over the boundaries. But you said it and please let us pluck him from his toilet seat and send him on his way. May many legal battle await his arrival. I keep wishing he’d leave in shackles, but sadly, I think not. With luck, though, they might have to carry him out in a straight-jacket.


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