The GOP’s scary movie is hurtling toward its dreadful conclusion

Night One of the Republican National Convention, I fully intended to watch. As an ex-journalist and creator of The Shinbone Star, I felt reporting on the event was my duty, kinda like the guy tasked with emptying the port-o-cans the morning after the city’s Fourth of July picnic and fireworks extravaganza.

In the end I couldn’t do it, and also couldn’t insist that any staff member attend. After all, we’re volunteers and there are some things even paid staff shouldn’t be forced to endure. As longtime journalists, we’ve already faced our fair share of indignities, and I figured it was time for the new breed at our sister papers, The New York Times and Washington Post, to carry the ball.

Night Two, same deal. I told myself I needed to watch what Melania Trump had to say, but when push came to shove, I ended up watching my DVD copy of “Cold Mountain,” a Civil War epic from 2003 that somehow managed to generate a modicum of sympathy for the old Confederacy, that blight on America that gained new life within the Trumpist Republican Party.

Like the Republicans, the movie focused on the war’s effect on Southern white people, and like the Republicans, there was only the briefest cameo for Black faces, an attempt, perhaps, to give the whole sad movie a touch of legitimacy. Again, just like the Republicans.

Nicole Kidman and Renee Zellweger in “Cold Mountain.” Great movie, but it brought to mind Donald Trump’s statement in the wake of the Charlottesville, Va., racial violence that there were “good people on both sides.” No doubt there were tough times for people of all colors during the downfall of the Confederacy, but the movie didn’t have much to say about the bigger horror of slavery.

And now here it is, the morning after Night Three and still I haven’t watched. I have my blood pressure to consider.

Bottom line: As an American citizen of reasonable intelligence, I know there’s nothing I can write that will persuade any Trump supporter to abandon his position.

If Republicans watching their own convention can witness the deification of the “Ken and Karen” couple – the armed Missourians who walked outside their mansion and pointed guns at peaceful protesters; if they can watch Don-Don proclaim the GOP as the party of free speech after his daddy tear-gassed protesters in Washington’s Lafayette Park; if they can watch a staged naturalization ceremony while the man who throws babies into cages stands there overseeing the charade, then they will not be dissuaded by anything I have to say.

Donald Trump and the Republicans are covering their slaughter of the U.S. Constitution with a thin white veneer that hides the spatters of blood. Fence-sitters looking for excuses to support the GOP could well discover one in the tangled lies of the speakers, or in the face of one of Trump’s Rent-a-Blacks – “well, if they’re not concerned about Republican-endorsed racism, why should I be?”

In our 21st Century echo chamber, most Democrats can’t stand to watch the RNC, and to be fair, most Republicans couldn’t stand to watch the “sounds-like-socialism” DNC. Both camps migrate to sites and opinions that reflect their own worldview. Few minds will be changed between now and Election Day. The die is already cast and America’s democracy hangs by the slenderest of threads.

No, I don’t want to watch the Republicans. Even though the GOP horror movie that has been playing for the past three and a half years is finally nearing its climax, it’s too excruciating to endure. Just don’t be surprised if I still peep through my fingers from time to time.

4 thoughts on “The GOP’s scary movie is hurtling toward its dreadful conclusion

  1. Trying to watch the RNC – and I gave it the ol’ college try – was like enduring death by a thousand cuts. Ended up watching old movies on TCM. Did listen to Melania’s speech at 3am… came away with the monotone drone of Slovenian-accented English numbing my ears.

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  2. It started with your president namecalling, abusing, slanging off, ridiculing and belittling. I has progressed to lying, denying and is now at very high levels of CORRUPTION and TREASON. All with a rigid 33% base who see in him a reflection of themselves. The rest of you initially saw it as quirky, and tolerable, even mildly humorous. You are now at the point of seeing justice in your country die. It was exactly the same in Hitler’s NAZI GERMANY. Unpalatable but true. For Adolf…it was always someone else’s fault, and everything turned on them. Why do you think every Trumpite cultist speaks the cult leaders full name along with the reference to being the president. Sound familiar. From DAY ONE, your country has been conned. You may only have THIS ONE CHANCE of removing the despot who will do everything in his power to lie, cheat and steal to an election win. He has even said it will be contested if he doesn’t win. His using the WH for the end of rally is basically saying to the US that he thinks he is ABOVE YOUR OWN LAWS! He openly said he KNEW he was breaking the law. The audience gave approval. He will only get worse now, even hinted a 8 more years. He plants the seed, you follow along meekly. Your democracy has been derailed, violent protests are only playing into the FEAR factor. Your country has allowed this to happen, and your country will need to take full responsibility to remove the despot. South Africa dismantled apartheid, and the transition of power was sane because of the influence of a black man NELSON MANDELA. It can be done.

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    1. While I mostly agree with the tenor of your comments, you lost me where you said, “The rest of you initially saw it as quirky, and tolerable, even mildly humorous.” While the fact that Donald Trump got ANY votes is appalling, I remind you that a majority of Americans in 2016 voted for his opponent, Hillary Clinton, and only because of an antiquated provision of our system — the Electoral College — did Trump win the election.

      A significant number of Americans have been fighting this president since 2017 and even before. Even we here at The Shinbone Star (small though our operation may be) have been fighting the good fight almost daily since Trump took office.

      Your overarching message that the United States needs to take responsibility and remove Trump from power is inspiring when framed against what South Africa and Nelson Mandela managed to do. The 2020 election is indeed a crossroads for the United States. Just know that there are people here who are fully aware of the stakes and are doing all we can to turn the tide.

      Thanks for reading.


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