Unfiltered: The cult of Fox’s view as Nov. 3 draws nearer

Following are comments to the Fox News coverage of the police shooting of a Black man in Kenosha, Wis., and the aftermath of that shooting where 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, a former member of a youth police cadet program with an affinity for guns, shot and killed two protesters and seriously wounded a third. The comments were taken from the Fox News affiliate for Greenville, Spartanburg and Anderson in South Carolina and Asheville, N.C.

One school of thought in journalism circles is that quotes from readers and interviewees should be edited for grammar and punctuation so as not to make people appear needlessly ignorant. We’re not doing that here because, with possibly the most important presidential election coming in the near future, the shattering ignorance on display here is kinda the point.

* * *

“This kid was defending himself, should he had a gun; no! But unfortunately half of the US wants the police to be defunded, What do you expect; pretty much all of the protesters out there are mad and out for Revenge. You all don’t care how much Destruction you make. As long as it fits your Agenda!! You know the sad thing, even if the murder charges are drop for that kid; his life is Ruined; he will never have a normal life now, all because he was defending himself!”

“Poor kid! He was trying help out the police! Maybe all the ‘peaceful protestors’ need more control from the police! This is crazy!”

“Thank god he didn’t get beaten like the old man. Seems like everyone has pulled the hinges and doors off their houses and extended the law to the street.”

“If the Democrats would let the police do their job then the private citizens wouldn’t have to. They will be more of this if we don’t stop the rioting and looting”

“He has excellent marksmanship skills. I’d hire him in a heartbeat to be my security guard. Notice how he only shot those who attacked him first… and didn’t hit any innocent bystanders.”

“This Situation was ENTIRELY caused by the Democratic Parties lack of support for Law Enforcement and their intense HATRED of President Trump! They Fuel the Fire of the BLM Riots they continue to call peaceful! They are using the uneducated and ill informed youth as Pawns to push their socialist agenda! Wake Up America!”

“We need more brave youth. Standing for the Law, when the government won’t.”

(Editor: Whoa! Voices of reason ahead, though the language skills are no better)

“when is it self defense you leave home with a gun . He left home dirty. How and hen it’s legal for a 17 year old o carry a gun ? Whoever that gun is registered to needs to be locked up too”

“ummm he was shooting into crowd for no reason. That’s why they chased and attacked him. That’s a fact. Did u see video?? Smdh”

(Editor: In reply to the above . . .)

— “i did actually and all of what you said was inaccurate. Stood his ground, was charged, attempted to run, hit with skateboard, shot attacker, attempted to retreat, was attacked by two other people who got him to the ground in an attempt to steal his weapon, shot second attacker, third attacker beats kid over head with skateboard, fires third shot, crowd runs, kid retreats. That would be self defence or defense if your a stickler for regional English.”

(Editor: snicker, snort)

— “the one he shot first threw a Molotov cocktail at him! That’s called self-defense for normal people”
— “He was defending himself!! He was there help protect others they attacked him!! Not once but twice!!”

“bs the rioters and criminals think because these liberal mayors and governors won’t do anything to stop them from stealing and destroying they think they can do what they want. I will tell you this I will shoot to kill any rioter that threatens me.”

“He was choosing this career path because he knows from what he has witnessed that police officer can kill and get away with it# just imagine if he would have gotten through police academy# TRAGIC”

“The riorters are allowed to carry guns, throw bricks and glass bottles and that is freedom of speech but if someone who is not in their group they get arrested. What happen to this young man’s freedom of speech?”

“Wasn’t he hit in the head with a skateboard? Not excusing the shooting or the fact he probably shouldn’t have been there. The ‘protesters ‘ were also headed to a car dealership to torch it. The weren’t expecting any resistance because there has not been much consequences Unfortunately people are getting tired of this.”

“Remember when libtards were against bullying? Have things really changed or have they just been exposed for the truth?”

“FREE HIM. At least he had the guts to defend what’s right!”

“And who cares if he was 40 miles from home . I’m sure the ‘protesters ‘ were too .”

“It’s a good thing he had a weapon to defend himself otherwise he probably would have been injured badly!!”

“the young man done what was right i would of made them look like sprinklers”

“This appears to be a self defense situation. Videos show that he was being attached, chased, fleeing from attackers, and defending himself. Fake News narrative by labeling a ‘shooting’.”

“People justifying this ish is CRAZY. I can’t say I’m surprised though.”

Although one or two people in the exchanges above attempt to be voices of reason, they are quickly overwhelmed. Nothing you just read will be surprising to Americans who are exposed to it every day. We provide it here for The Shinbone Star’s many foreign readers who must wonder what in the world is going on in the United States.

Sadly, perhaps now you will better understand the ignorance that is at the root of Donald Trump’s America, an ignorance that could finally destroy the world’s preeminent democracy if Trump is allowed four more years to complete his mission.

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