A peace of shit

My absentee ballot in the presidential election. Next stop, America, where agents for Donald Trump will do their best to intercept it. — PHOTO BY ROBERT OTT

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Israel Bureau has been slacking for too long, but with Election Day in the United States quickly approaching, we finally prodded our correspondent and obtained this report. Just one more example of how The Shinbone Star is spanning the globe to bring our readers the latest in anti-Trump content.


This month, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain reached a historic agreement! A peace deal, kind of like the one orchestrated by Bill Clinton on the White House Lawn with Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat in 1994.

Only this one stinks. And I’m not talking about the suitcases of dirty laundry brought to the White House by the notoriously miserly Netanyahu family (the man would not know what a wallet looks like if he were slapped in the face with one).

Why does it stink?

Here are five main reasons why this “peace” deal STINKS and should worry YOU and ultimately, convince you to vote for Joe Biden if you’re Jewish and (or) a Jewish American expat living abroad and/or a human being.

Just some background: I’m an American citizen living abroad (that’s me with my absentee ballot pictured above) who also happens to be a dual citizen — U.S. and Israeli. Of course my opinions are not shared by some of my fellow expats here in Israel and other dual citizens around the world who believe (for some reason) that Donald Trump is good for Israel and therefore deserves their vote.

He’s not. He’s the worst thing that could happen to Israel and the Jewish people.

I’ll explain:

  • It’s NOT a peace deal, it’s a weapons deal: Let’s face it, the only reason the UAE (United Arab Emirates) agreed to normalizing ties with Israel was the promise of F-35 Stealth Fighter Jets. As an American, this should worry you, too. Advanced weaponry in the hands of an unstable Arab regime in a region known for turmoil. In the 1980s we firmly believed the Taliban were our allies and we supplied them with weapons to fight the Soviets. Those are the same weapons that eventually killed U.S. troops in Afghanistan. This is a DANGEROUS precedent, and if those F-35s end up in the wrong hands, we in Israel could be FUBAR and American air superiority could be compromised.
  • The timing: Trump has fewer than 40 days to convince Jews he’s not a white supremacist, or at, least, a supporter of their ideology. It doesn’t help that he (and his pawns) retweet anti-Semitic tropes from QAnon supporters, or that he claimed “there are good people on both sides” after the deadly incident in Charlottesville, Va. It’s really convenient that he’s decided to “bring peace to the Middle East” right before re-election, with promises of “other Arab countries normalizing relations” should he get elected. Of course they will normalize relations if you give them F-35 Stealth Fighter Jets. And, in case you were wondering, this just means that Israel will get even more superior fighter jets to maintain, as Defense Secretary Mark Esper promises “aerial superiority” for Israel. And some of these regimes — like Saudi Arabia — are especially violent and cruel. If you need evidence, just see what American weapons in Saudi hands are wreaking on Yemen’s schoolchildren.
  • The timing (Part 2): BiBi (Israel’s indicted prime minister) is looking for any excuse to draw attention away from his FOUR corruption trials (which are slated to go to court in January) and is planning to undermine the current emergency coalition in favor of elections, which would pave the way for him to enact laws that would allow him immunity from prosecution — possibly even going so far as dismissing the charges.
  • The devil is in the details: No one in Israel knows the fine print of the deal except Netanyahu and (presumably) his wife. In fact, there was nearly an international incident when it became clear that Israel’s foreign minister is the only one legally allowed to sign the treaty. Since the foreign minister belongs to a different party (Blue and White) that is married to BiBi’s Likud on account of the pandemic, BiBi purposefully hid the details (including the sale of F-35s) so he could rush to D.C. and get a photo-op on the White House Lawn (where no masks were seen), while simultaneously locking down Israel for a second time and causing the economy to collapse. The details of the deal are still unclear to the public.
  • But the main reason this deal STINKS: It ignores the giant elephant in the room, in this case, the plight of the Palestinians. I’ll admit that the Palestinian leadership has never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity, but this could be the death knell of the two-state peace solution. That may not sound like such a big deal to Jewish Americans voting Trump, but what that means de facto is that Israel will soon become an Apartheid state. If Palestinians are not granted equal status and citizenship and are kept under martial law — in certain areas indefinitely — Israel becomes what South Africa was in the 1980s, a country with two sets of laws, one for “citizens” (Jewish, Muslim and Christian) and martial law for those without citizenship.

If you truly care about Israel being a home to the Jewish people, if you care about Israel being the only true “democracy” in the Middle East and if you care about Israel’s continued existence, there really is only one choice.

Joe Biden.

Because four more years of Trump could possibly be Israel’s last four years.

4 thoughts on “A peace of shit

  1. Well said! I have been reading the Israeli press daily for 6 years and every word here is true. Casing this as a “peace deal” is a farce. It’s a weapons deal, as above.

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  2. Great piece with excellent information, Jason. I’ll post this and continue to urge my friends–Jewish and otherwise–to see the light and not vote for 45. Another point: I think that some believe that ex-pats have turned their back on everything in their home country. You are a stellar example that this is not true. 39 days to go!

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