Biden stands strong against Captain Chaos during out-of-control ‘debate’

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace lost control of Tuesday night’s presidential debate between Impeached President Donald J. Trump — in this case Captain Chaos — and former Vice President Joe Biden the Democratic Party candidate on the Nov. 3, 2020 ballot.

Captain Chaos repeatedly talked over not only Biden’s answers to Wallace’s questions but also argued loudly and pointed fingers at the “debate” moderator as he attempted to take over the conversation.

At one point, as the Captain spoke over Biden’s response to a question, the former vice president turned to him and simply said, “Will you shut up, man.”

Yes, that’s what millions of Americans have been trying to tell the man who has no plan for governing the country if he wins re-election. That was made painfully clear during the 90-minute tussle in Cleveland, Ohio.

Captain Chaos voiced his tired and criminally inaccurate attacks on Biden and while trying to insert his own bragging points about what he has accomplished during the past nearly four years in office.

Captain Chaos has no plan for dealing with the continuing rise of deaths due to COVID-19 that has cost the lives of more than 205,000 Americans. He has no plan to slow the growth of infections that has topped 7 million.

He offered no concrete plan for bringing the economy back. He offered no ideas for dealing with global warming other than forest management, which he has also termed “raking the forests.” He offered no constructive program for addressing systemic racism in the country. He in fact declined to disavow any association with white supremacist groups, at one point telling a group of white supremacists to “stand down and standby.”

Biden attempted, often successfully, to remain calm in the face of the plethora of lies and angry interruptions of his answers by Captain Chaos. At times, Biden’s frustration forced him to call his “debate” opponent a liar or a clown. He got angry toward the end of the confrontation when he talked emotionally about his son, Beau, who died of brain cancer, only to be interrupted again when the Captain raised Hunter Biden’s name instead.

Biden made it clear to Captain Chaos that Beau served in the military and was not a “loser or a sucker” as a recent article in The Atlantic magazine quoted the president as having called those military men and women who died on the battlefields protecting American values in wars around the world.

In time, the fact-checkers will provide a detailed look at what was said during the chaos on the stage in Cleveland.

Tonight, however, Biden stood strong against Captain Chaos and presented — often over the angry and uncouth antics — a visage like that of Captain Courageous.

4 thoughts on “Biden stands strong against Captain Chaos during out-of-control ‘debate’

  1. Just finished attempting to survive the “Debate”…
    not sure that I did…

    Chris Wallace should be called Chris Useless. He should have slapped Trump down at the first outburst.

    The Monster Known As Trump is a Genuine Monster.

    A Modest Proposal for the remaining Debates (IF they still happen):

    Put A Shock Collar On The Monster Known As Trump, And USE IT FREQUENTLY!!!!

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    1. I thought they had a button or something to cut off someone’s mic in these things. Dump was gonna be on stage, they couldn’t take that very simple precaution? The guy’s got reflexive verbal diarrhea and believes that if his mouth isn’t moving, people think his brain’s not either. Too bad for him it doesn’t work that way. Ugh!

      Liked by 2 people

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