For the sake of all Americans, Mr. Trump, seize the moment: Finally lead the battle against COVID-19

It’s not a hoax any more, Mr. Trump. It’s not fake news.

It’s not a deep-state conspiracy by the medical community in collaboration with your political opponents to deny you more time in the White House.

It’s COVID-19, a deadly disease that has killed nearly 210,000 Americans during the past seven months and now has invaded you, your family, your staff and no telling how many more people.

Today, Mr. Trump, for the sake of all Americans do what you should have done seven months ago: lead the country in battle against this life-sapping virus that knows no political, economical or ethnic boundaries.

Hopefully you, FLOTUS and your close adviser Hope Hicks will make it through testing positive for COVID-19 and live to share your experience with the country and the world.

It’s time, way past time Mr. Trump, for you to listen carefully to the country’s medical and infectious disease experts and then let them speak for you to all Americans about the how, what and why needs to be done to finally bring this deadly disease under control.

Start a national rallying cry from the residence of the White House for all Americans to take COVID-19 seriously. Tell everyone who will listen — and who will watch what you do during the next 14 days as you and FLOTUS remain quarantined — that wearing a mask, social distancing and following all the other recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is urgently required.

It’s not an ask, it’s a national campaign to deal a significant blow to the novel coronavirus that has needlessly killed hundreds of thousands, ravaged the bodies of millions, leaving many of them to try and deal with crippling health issues on a daily basis for the rest of their lives.

It’s time to stop lying. It’s time to stop thinking about your re-election campaign. It’s time to put country before party.

If you make it through your fight against COVID-19 the next time you stand in front of a television camera admit you were wrong then put on a mask and tell everyone watching and listening to follow your lead.

It’s time for you, Mr. Trump, to act as if you give a damn about our country and all of us who pray that it will survive another 240-plus years.

It’s time for leadership from you, Mr. Trump, for the sake of all Americans.

3 thoughts on “For the sake of all Americans, Mr. Trump, seize the moment: Finally lead the battle against COVID-19

  1. Sadly, there’s a lot of “if’s” in there. He doesn’t care about anything but himself. I’m about to take bets among my friends that he insists it’s still a conspiracy created by Democrats, only he’ll say they spiked him with it on purpose to keep him out of the debates.

    He’s the guy in the flood who drives down the road, water surging over the windshield, insisting the water’s not that deep and will make it to the next block.

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