Trumper of the week — Case #11,153

EDITOR’S NOTE: As we enter the home stretch in the 2020 U.S. presidential race, we at The Shinbone Star have created a new feature that will memorialize some of the fine American ass-hats who made this ride so special. Of course we’re talking about the Trumpian legions who put on a show when responsible people like us ask them to wear a protective mask in the midst of pandemic. Perhaps we’re being a bit presumptive in labeling these bad actors “Trumpers,” but after all, we’re exactly the type of small-minded liberals who don’t mind jumping to conclusions!

4 thoughts on “Trumper of the week — Case #11,153

  1. I hate to sound hypocritical, but Trump has to get well because the LAST thing we need is anything that can be construed as martyrdom! He needs recovery, defeat, than an nice, longs stay on a minimum security jail where they do NOT serve MacDonald’s — and NO golf.

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    1. “ and NO golf.”

      Hey, M.A., you forgot the most crucial rule…
      No Contact With The Outside World!!!
      No TV, No Phone (Land Line and/or Cell and/or Satellite), No Computer, No Internet, No WiFi, No Cable, No FIOS, No AM/FM/HD/SiriusXM Radio, No Pen (and/or Sharpie™️) and Paper, No Tin Cans And String, No Cans Of Spray Paint (and/or Cheese Whiz™️ and/or Flex-Seal™️ and/or Play Doh™️) And Access To An Exterior Wall, No Semaphores (and/or Signal Flags and/or Smoke Signals -got that from Pocahontas) And Roof-Top Access, No Unmonitored Visits with Lawyers, Family, and/or “Friends”, No Messages and/or Contraband Smuggled In or Out by Visitors, Trustees, Gangs, and/or Guards, et cetera, et cetera…

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