The waiting

As the late, great Tom Petty wrote, “the waiting is the hardest part.”

That’s true of  lot of things in life, but at this point, it’s hard to think about anything but the Nov. 3 election.

We are just days away from settling the question of whether we want to preserve our democracy by electing Joe Biden, or move toward an increasingly fascist dictatorship by giving the incumbent a second term.

I’ve already cast my ballot, as have millions of others, by mail, by drop box, or by standing in long lines in person, sometimes for hours, to take advantage of early voting.

And now we wait and wonder.

We wait for Tuesday, to see if the in-person surge Trump expects in his favor will materialize.

We wait, probably far beyond Tuesday, for the official count that will include the mail-in ballot Trump has been trying to suppress.

We wait and watch the news and wonder what impact current events will have on the outcome of this crucial election.

Will this week’s huge stock market losses, which analysts trace to the rise in coronavirus cases and the congressional impasse in negotiating more COVID relief, hurt 45? What about the surge in cases, many of them in red states?

Will some of Trump’s supporters, who mistrusted absentee voting, be too sick to get to the polls?

Will the  violent unrest in Philadelphia over the police shooting of  Walter Wallace Jr., a Black man armed with a knife who is said to have had mental health issues, help Trump by driving his narrative? Or will the shooting itself be the catalyst some citizens need to get out and vote for Biden?

What about the hundreds of Trump supporters left stranded in the cold, four miles from their parked cars, after the buses that ferried them to a rally in Omaha failed to come and retrieve them? Will they still vote for him? Even the ones who ended up in the hospital with hypothermia?

Will Barack Obama’s campaign appearances be enough to turn the tide in Florida, Pennsylvania and/or Michigan?

Are Texas and Ohio really in play, and is it even possible for Texas to flip to blue?

Will Trump rush to declare victory on the night of Nov. 3, only to have the Electoral College declare otherwise after all the votes are tallied?

Or if the totals on Election Night show a decisive, irrefutable win for Biden, will Trump spend the final two months of his presidency wreaking revenge?

I’ve done all I can. I’ve voted, donated, expressed my opinion maybe a little too freely on this blog and my own Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Now all I can do is wait.

One thought on “The waiting

  1. I am super distracted and anxious and can’t think. I’ve gotten nearly nothing done the past few days and somehow got myself sucked into that Hero Wars game on line and I’ve been exploring that while occasionally listening to the news on YouTube. I should be prepping for NaNoWriMo, but I’m just not there in my head right now. I’m hoping this evening I’ll get myself back on track to write again, but I am like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs right now. Putting up more Halloween stuff and playing with the dogs has helped a bit, but that tension is still there because this damned election is sucking up all my brain space. Perhaps some wine and cake tonight will help, and hot tea the rest of the day. My stomach’s so squirrely I can’t stand eating much right now.

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