Cabal of clowns gathers to decide who will tell Trump it’s time to go

Daughter-wife Ivanka leaves the hotel after issuing orders to the Cabal of Clowns on how to handle Daddy.

EDITOR’S NOTE: MACinelli filed this report after a quick trip to the future — courtesy of Doc Brown — where he spent Inauguration Week 2021 in Washington, D.C., verifying not only that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had been sworn-in to office, but that Impeached (and 2020 Election Day loser) President Donald J. Trump had actually left town.


WASHINGTON, D.C., Jan. 18, 2021 — They strolled through the lavish lobby of his landmark hotel a few minutes apart. They rode a private elevator up to the Presidential Suite for a meeting totally off the White House books, away from any prying eyes of purveyors of “fake news.”

Except for this intrepid reporter from The Shinbone Star.

A text message appeared on my iPhone about an hour before this cabal of clowns comprised of family members and political cohorts of Donald J. Trump gathered to determine who would draw the short straw and deliver a life-threatening message to “The Boss.” Life-threatening to the person charged with confronting Trump with reality.

The tip I received about the get-together had been short and to the point: “Gathering of Donnie’s dolts happening in 60 Minutes at his money-making machine where mail once flowed. Bad news delivery decision topic of discussion. No phones, no fools, no pets.”

It was signed by an old source from my political reporting days: Just Roving.

An important note here: Just Roving had provided me with enough lead time to securely “bug” the suite so I could be a fly on the wall, listening to everything that transpired. This was one conversation among members of the Trump tribe I didn’t want to get from a third-party source.

There might never be another opportunity for anyone to hear the likes of Ivanka, Jared, Bill Barr, Rudy Giuliani, Mark Meadows, Mike Pompeo, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Kayleigh McEnany, Donnie Junior and Eric talk about how they would handle Donnie in a crisis situation, so I didn’t want to miss it.

After locating a comfortable lounge chair, I plopped into the soft, downy seat, opened up the front section of the current Washington Post, fired up my listening “app” and prepared for a long evening of entertainment courtesy of the Clowns.

Much to my chagrin the meeting lasted only a couple of minutes. Seriously. After some clearing of throats, the clink of ice cubes being dropped into glasses and some unintelligible mumbling, Ivanka took the floor.

And the meeting ended immediately after she delivered the marching orders:

“Don Junior, you’re up. Do a line or two before you meet with Dad in the Oval and tell him the Secret Service wants him out of harm’s way. He’ll go with them to the Suburban and then to Air Force One for a trip to Mar-A-Lago. Don’t say anything else. Let the SS folks handle the rest of it.

“Can you handle it, Donnie?”

Don-Don must have nodded in agreement because all I heard next was a quick “Good” from the daughter-wife and then the sound of feet hitting the floor and a door opening. A few minutes later, the parade started one again as the Cabal of Clowns flowed back through the lobby and out onto Pennsylvania Avenue in five-minute intervals.

I sat stunned for a few minutes. I had no idea Ivanka had that much control over the minds of idiot men (and an idiot former press secretary). A shiver ran down my spine as I thought about how there has been talk of her running for president.

That thought spurred me to hurry outside to watch the last of the clowns stride down the avenue toward the White House for a last supper with the once self-proclaimed Chosen One.

Well, I thought, at least the country will have four years of Joe and Kamala repairing the damage done by Donald before another Trump returns to the national political scene.

Maybe a campaign battle between Kamala and Ivanka in 2024 would be worth covering for The Shinbone Star.

The debates would be the best. Just think about how a sharp legal mind with a ton of political savvy — not to mention a caring soul — would deconstruct a failed business operator and daughter of the most corrupt president in the history of the United States.

Sorry for the digression. Need to get back and file this report so the country can ignore Don the Con’s blatherings about a “stolen election.”

He will be gone after Jan. 20,2021. Don Junior and the Secret Service will make it happen.

3 thoughts on “Cabal of clowns gathers to decide who will tell Trump it’s time to go

  1. hopefully the years between 2021 and 2024 will be well-spent exposing the lies and hypocrisy, the sheer idiocy, the greed of the Dump clan so that even those who would support the Dumps today would laugh her right to scorn (or daddy) if they tried to run.


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