The road ahead

After four years of the most unqualified creature ever to inhabit the Oval Office, Donald J. Trump has been defeated at the polls. Joseph Biden Jr., after 30 years of trying, becomes President of the United States #46.

He was youngest ever to seek the office and oldest to win it. His vice-president will be Kamala Harris, who will also make history as the first woman vice president and first woman of color elected to the second highest office of government.

Americans danced in the streets.

The mayor of Paris has tweeted, “Welcome back America.”

The Donald is saying he will refuse the mandate by We the People to vacate the White House. We’ll see, Donnie, we’ll see.

It should have been a landslide, instead, Trump and the Republican Party have created the most acrimoniously divided country in decades.

We had to wait for days for votes to be counted. The Donald came into the office on the coattails of an Electoral College and was swept from office by it. His arch nemesis, Hillary Clinton, once a friend, won the popular vote by almost 3 million votes, yet lost the electoral vote.

Trump was never America’s first choice.

The Donald will carry that fact to the grave. He held a “full house” majority at first — a Republican House and Senate — yet still was a failure. His own party wouldn’t build his “Beautiful Wall.”

Also, his own party wouldn’t destroy the Affordable Care Act, thanks to Sen. John McCain’s rising from his deathbed and flying to Washington, D.C. to dramatically give a thumbs down as his final official action.

After Trump’s nearly 20,000 lies, the blood of more than 200,000 Americans from the coronavirus — a disease he called “a Democrat hoax,” — will be forever on his hands. Trump is a loser.

Despite legal attempts to “stop the (voting) count” and despite of his worshipers performing vehicular assaults and blocking bridges, voters persisted.

Trump becomes the first incumbent Oval Office Occupant since George H. W. Bush, not to be re-elected. He just keeps making history, and not the honorable kind.

Delirious Donald has two more months to attempt to scuttle our government with the able assistance of the Republican Party and “Moscow” Mitch McConnell, who has vowed to thwart every action Joe Biden tries to take.

Disgustingly, McConnell was re-elected by Kentuckians. He’s a bitter, vindictive prick.

As for Biden, there’s a Southern saying, “He’s got a tough row to hoe.” It means the job ahead will be filled with a lot of weeds, brambles and hard work.

Those people dancing in the streets — both here and in other countries — believe he’s up to the challenge.

2 thoughts on “The road ahead

  1. People don’t vote for their senators the same way they vote for president. Senators and congress people are personal and direct. They are the ones who will help you, who you can actually call on. So in a way, we learned a lesson everyone — or at least more people than not — wanted Trump gone, but not necessarily everything. I think that mixed senate/congress is a mistake only because McConnell is such an asshole, but he and Biden worked together before and maybe will again. We can hope. At least I won’t have to keep listening to Trump!

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