COVID kills thousands of more Americans as Trump, GOP focus on ‘stolen election’

Trump returns from the golf course. He still has yet to accept his loss to Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

On Tuesday another 1,300 Americans died from COVID-19. Since February, nine months ago, nearly 250,000 fellow country men and women have lost a painful battle with the deadly virus.

That same day, more than 135,000 new coronavirus cases were reported, bringing the total count in America to more than 10.5 million since the disease invaded the U.S.

And for the first time since health care officials started monitoring the impact of COVID on the country, some 19,000 Americans are listed in “serious or critical condition,” meaning they could lose their painful battle to survive the virus.

Instead of focusing on the enemy within the U.S. that is taking a heavy toll on many American families and crippling the country’s already battered economy, Impeached president — and 2020 Election Day loser — Donald J. Trump and his Republicon cohorts are spending countless hours yammering about nonexistent “fraudulent” ballots cast on or after Election Day, November 3.

They even proudly brag about how Trump will eventually win the heated contest against President-elect Joe Biden. Here’s what Secretary of State — and 2024 GOP presidential candidate — Mike Pompeo said Tuesday when asked if there would be a smooth transition between the Trump and Biden administrations.

“There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration,” Pompeo said during a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

As Politico reported, when pressed on whether he and his department are preparing to hand over power to Biden and his team, Pompeo, who at times grew irritated at the questions, made it clear he didn’t see the contest as having concluded. At one point, he referred to the importance of counting “every legal vote” — phrasing other Trump allies have used to suggest without evidence that widespread voter fraud helped Biden.

What about COVID? What about finally leading an attack against the virus now that Election Day is in the rear-view mirror? How about a new stimulus package to offer hope of survival to millions of Americans economically hit by COVID-19?

You could find a considerable number of Republicon lawmakers and Trump enablers ranting on about how the election still isn’t over, that any and all allegations about voting fraud and illegal ballot casting will almost certainly result in their man winning four more years in the White House.

COVID-19? An afterthought, if a thought at all, for GOP congressmen and women and senators. In their addled minds the daily death toll of more than 1,000 Americans and the ever-increasing number of new cases in the country are secondary to trying to convince some segment of the population that Biden “cheated” in defeating Trump on November 3.

So as El Paso officials ordered 10 refrigerator trucks to act as temporary morgues since the county’s morgue is overwhelmed with citizens who have died from the virus, Vice President Mike Pence, who heads the Trump administration’s Coronavirus Task Force, is off on a week-long, post Election Day vacation in Florida.

Pence, however, took time during his break from handling anything Trump tells him to handle to make certain the country knew he supported the idea that Trump deserved the right to challenge Biden’s smashing victory over the now one-term president.

Hey, Mike. You might want to know El Paso only received six of the 10 trucks so far. They have requested the additional four vehicles from the Federal Emergency Management Administration. Could you pause your vacation and public posturing in support of your boss and make certain that El Paso gets those extra trucks so that the overwhelming number of residents of that city who die from COVID in the next few days aren’t left out of the cold?

President Trump has downplayed the steep rise in cases, attributing much of it to increased testing. But the number of people hospitalized for the virus tells a different story, climbing an estimated 46 percent from a month ago and raising fears about the capacity of regional health care systems to respond to overwhelming demand.

El Paso has, not surprisingly, seen its hospitalization rate triple during the past month. The situation is also becoming critical in states such as Idaho, Missouri, New Mexico and Utah, with front-line workers exhausted and hospitals struggling to find replacements for those testing positive each day.

The New York Times reported just days before the election that at St. Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center in Twin Falls, Idaho, where more than one-third of patients have COVID-19, administrators are sending children to a hospital in Boise, two hours away. The influx of patients from rural areas with little health infrastructure is similarly straining hospitals in Wisconsin, where cases have increased 53 percent from two weeks ago.

Instead of moving beyond his disastrous Election Day loss — Biden has tallied some 5 million more votes than the incompetent incumbent — and helping the country get COVID-19 under control, Trump is fixated on attempting to avoid being labeled a loser.

But he and all the Republicons who echo his fraudulent charges of illegal ballots giving Biden the win have just one thing in mind: retain political power for their party.

Thousands more dead Americans mean little to the heartless Trump. Millions more men and women and children battling the deadly disease don’t earn more than a passing nod of his mask-less face when asked to comment on the state of the health care war ravaging the country.

Trump lost the election. Biden is president-elect. He takes over on Jan. 20, 2021. He already has a team working to get the virus under control.

It’s time for Trump to get lost, preferably to a golf course in Russia.

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