Post-election, Fred gets all (or most) of it out of his system

If ever there was any fucking doubt that Donald Trump is a raving goddamned lunatic, post-election events should leave no doubt in any but the most depraved Republican Party member’s pea brain.

Trump has twitted that he isn’t going to accept the vote of the people; claims he’s not leaving the office. He’s being backed by such intellectual geniuses as Rudy Giuliani, Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham, to name a few. Along with tens of thousands of loyal Trump worshipers.

Like every damned promise and threat he’s made in the past four years, this, too, will be a massive load of male bovine droppings.

Poetic justice would be citizens tearing down his fucking wall, rushing the White House and dragging his yuuuuge fat ass into the street, along with his bloodsucking family and friend.

For four damned years, Americans and the world have been subjected to his daily Twitter vile, all his demented ranting and lies. His sullen childish arms crossed, pouting at the G7 Conference in 2018, went viral and will be forever etched in the world’s memory.

A blooded Jared Kushner, Stephen Miller, Ivanka Trump, Kayleigh McEnany, Betsy DeVos, and every damned viperous Cabinet member and department head should be driven through the streets by children wielding whips and chains.

Every damned family member should then be piled into Air Force One, wearing only the clothes on their backs and be dumped onto a runway in Russia.

Forgiveness? Fuck that! We deserve bloody retribution for every miserable thieving minute that Trump and his party have inflicted on Americans.

Miserable “Moscow” Mitch McConnell, his wife and “Miss Lindsey” Graham are special creatures who deserve no pity. Being locked into stocks on the sidewalks outside the White House would be an apt beginning for these slime. People would be free to spit on them or whatever they desired.

The speculation about what Flat Fucking Nuts Daffy Donald is going to do is all over the map. A favorite has Despicable Donnie never returning to the Oval Office, but rather flying straight to Mar-a-Lago, building a massive “most beautiful ever imagined compound” and declaring it a separate country.

Melania should be denied a divorce, if she seeks one, and be forced to live in poverty with The Donald, forever.

Dumb Donald is filing frivolous fucking lawsuits in several states. He expects to have his Supreme Court give him another four damned years. Fuck that!

He owes almost $500,000,000 (that’s $500 million, but all those zeroes look cool) in personally secured loans that are coming due soon. Why anyone with even a scintilla of a brain would loan this prick more money is truly amazing.

The State of New York and Borough of Manhattan are both investigating his shady dealings and tax returns.

Dig, baby, dig. There’s golden dirt in them there boxes of papers!

Speculation about Daffy Donald’s future are roiling media and political circles:

  • Where is this conniving prick going to get the money for lawyers, given his debts?
  • Will he get another piss-ass “unreality” show?
  • Will he work deals with Russia, Turkey, Colombia, or some other miserable-assed, shithole country run by a dictator?
  • Will he try to revive selling his loathsome name again?
  • Will some conservative media company give him a damned political show or guest pundit spot?

As for the most miserable crooked fucking political party in our history, it’s pretty damned clear that the Republican Party is scared shitless of this vile piece of dung.

And, he has Mitch “Dungface” McConnell enabling him in the Senate. If anyone deserves to drop dead and roll into the goddamned swamp, it that slimy snake.

With almost two months left in the Oval Office, it’s a sure thing those two shitheads will do everything in their power to fuck up the Biden government. McConnell has already promised to block everything Biden attempts.

And in the can-you-believe-he-really-fucking-said-this category, Donald Trump Jr. — Don-Don — on Thursday fired off a tweet calling for his dad to wage “total war over the election,” while parroting Daddy’s false claims about mail-in ballot fraud.

Twitter quickly hid the message from view for spreading false information about the election.

Earlier, Don-Don accused “2024 GOP hopefuls” of a “total lack of action,” while No. 2 son, the slimy Eric, suggested that those who did not stand up for Trump were “sheep.”

In response, several leading gutless pussy Republicans stepped up their support for the lameduck-assed Oval Office Occupant.

Millions of Americans are waiting to see fat-assed Donald dragged from the White House in a straitjacket or cuffs. Preferably both.

This shit-for-brains will continue to attack and criticize everything Biden does as long as his tiny thumbs can work a damned phone.

Maybe a benevolent dictator could be useful if he could exile bitter ignorant pieces of male bovine droppings like Trump to a nice desert island somewhere, hopefully one with no cell service.

Please, Dickhead Donald, play more golf and hopefully “stroke out” on one of your lame-assed courses. The sooner the better for us all.

8 thoughts on “Post-election, Fred gets all (or most) of it out of his system

  1. Speaking as a Limey sonofabitch with absolutely no qualifications in human behaviour study – although I am a qualified motor mechanic – I detected a hint of animosity towards the Trump administration and family members in the above.
    Although I found the piece amusing, enlightening, and informative by turn, I feel that the degree of violence wished upon the protagonists concerned is a tad ‘wishy washy’, if I’m being honest.
    For example, where was the nailing of Dolt45 to a billiard table before attaching electrodes to his little mushroom tallywhacker? Not to mention pushing a white-hot steel tyre iron into Jareds rusty bullet hole?
    Apart from that, I have no problem whatsoever with the piece and commend its writer wholeheartedly.
    Yours etc
    Slightly Disappointed of Olde London Towne

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  2. I think you’ve been incredibly restrained in the above piece. I’ve been saying far worse for the last 4 years.

    I can’t stand the man. He has no redeemable features and is dangerous not only for America but for the rest of the world.

    Please, God, don’t let the slippery little ba***rd somehow keep a hold of the presidency.

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  3. Watch this if you get a minute. It’s Johathan Pie if you want to look him up rather than follow a link, it’s called Trump is a Loser! He’s on Facebook and YouTube. I couldn’t have said it better myself about how most of us are feeling.

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  4. Tell us how you really feel, lol. But seriously, he well knows he has lost – do you not think this is all smoke screens to cover the nefarious deeds he’s committing in his last stretch of power? There’s a reason he’s keeping Biden out of the loop.

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