Sympathy for the bedeviled



Fair warning: By the end of this article you might feel sorry for Donald J. Trump. Sincerely that is not my intent. I don’t feel sorry for him and neither should you. Trump is, however, a very sick man and simple human decency stirs our compassion for the unwell.

It should be clear to anyone with half a brain that Trump is unlike any of us. His upbringing has so warped his psyche, so distorted his view of himself and the world, and hardened his heart and soul, as to leave him almost unrecognizable as a member of our species.

Trump does not benefit from all the simple and necessary lessons we learned on the playground as children that allowed us to happily and productively coexist with our fellow humans. Simple things like sharing, honesty, helping, and perhaps the hardest lesson of all, learning to cope and accept the natural order of failure and losing.

No one has ever set out to fail or lose but it is inevitable in the course of human endeavors that these are real outcomes. Most truly successful people will point to moments in their lives when they failed or lost as teaching them the most important lessons they’ve ever learned. A humbling experience that made them stronger, better, more compassionate members of society. Learning to cope with failure and loss and turning those events into helpful, productive lessons is paramount to living a happy, productive life. Without that education, without the tools to overcome those events, failure and loss consume a person in anger, vengeance and hatred. They fail to accept it and it eats them alive.

Trump suffers this malady to the extreme, and now he has lost on the largest stage in the world. A global humiliation he cannot fathom or accept. A rejection so complete that he has no mental or spiritual tools to deal with it. Trump has simply shut down.

In his former life, as a private citizen, Trump could declare victory under any circumstance contrary to all evidence of his failure, and simply walk away, leaving his lawyers to clean up the mess and his lackeys to scream foul and to place blame.

Trump is attempting that now. Sadly for him, possibly for the first time in his life, it will not work. Trump knows of no other way to cope. So he will rage and stew and whine and lie. There is no dignity. There’s nothing remotely presidential. It’s a pitiful sight. It is normally a sight worthy of our sympathy. Our natural instinct is to help fix this poor. broken child. But this isn’t a child, this is a full-grown man. A man who, right or wrong, holds the office of president for a great nation, the de facto leader of the free world. Trump’s behavior is abhorrent and an embarrassment.

Yet one can’t help but feeling sorry for a person like Donald J. Trump. He is sick. He is diseased. We would love to offer a cure and there is no cure. We want to help but he cannot be helped. All we can do now is offer our condolences, pray his pain ends quickly and hope that he will just go away.

9 thoughts on “Sympathy for the bedeviled

  1. I hope that he goes away but I pray that his suffering continues for many more years behind bars. What Trump has done to America is nothing short of criminal. I feel sorry for all those families who have lost love ones because of Trump’s refusal to deal with the worse pandemic since 1919. Boo who, he is embarrassed, big deal, the con man is still misleading his supporters and extracting donations for fake lawsuits. He is beyond redemption.

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  2. It’s obvious Trump is imploding and you’re right; he can’t be helped at this point.
    All he can do is blaze this path of destruction behind him and leave the rest of us to pick up the pieces. Good article, Andy.

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  3. Agreed he is a sick twisted bastard but I cannot find any place in my soul to feel any sorrow for the anti-Christ that has and is using his army of moronic minions to destroy the USA. The only sadness I have when it comes to agent orange is that he survived covid with no long term damage, no new found sense of sympathy for the 200k plus people that have died, and that his experience didn’t change him at all.

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  4. And yet, his followers can’t and won’t see the evidence in front of them. They are making the.nation ungovernable, yet they will continue to blame the other side.

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