Nobody named Trump in the White House ever again

If anyone in your circle of family and friends starts going-on about how they plan to support Impeached President — and Election Day loser by a landslide — Donald J. Trump’s 2024 bid to return to the White House, tell them this:

Nobody. Named. Trump. In. The. White. House. Ever. Again. Full stop.

Not Don the Con. Not daughter/wife Ivanka. Not son-in-law, master-of-nothing Jared Kushner (OK he doesn’t bear the Trump moniker but you get what I’m saying). Not seemingly drug-addled Donnie Junior or his little brother Eric, the erstwhile killer of big-game animals.

This family has played the country for tens of millions dollars in tax revenue from average joes. It flows into Trump Organization coffers so the Trump Con Family can continue to live the lavish lifestyle they were flaunting even before moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And remember, this from a family whose patriarch hasn’t paid any federal income tax in decades.

Oh hell no!

Trump continues to loudly float the idea of his presidential aspirations for 2024 as he scrambles to find ways to pay off his massive 2020 campaign debt and fund legal bills that continue to grow larger each day as he foolishly mounts more and more court challenges over getting his ass kicked by President-elect Joe Biden.

Since Trump somehow persuaded more than 71 million Americans to vote for him on Election Day 2020, political prognosticators make him the odds-on favorite to secure the nomination in 2024.

This outpouring of love for the self-proclaimed “chosen one” will have a chilling effect anyone with presidential aspirations, not just family members, but also current Vice President Mike Pence, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and U.S. Sen Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

Instead of lining up financial support and valuable endorsements from billionaires of the GOP persuasion, Big Don enablers will have to give the appearance of liking the idea of what will then be a 78-year-old white man attempting to regain control of a government he despises and has tried for four years to wipe off the face of the Earth.

Let’s do non-Trump Republicans a favor and provide irrefutable proof that the current Oval Office occupant should never again be allowed to darken the halls of the presidential mansion, or represent himself as the leader of the free world.

First and foremost is Trump’s failure as a leader in a moment of national crisis. COVID-19, the deadly novel coronavirus that came to U.S. cities and towns nine month ago, has killed more than 250,000 innocent Americans. Trump knew in late January that the virus was more deadly than the average flu bug, but he chose — for his own political purposes — to ignore the need to prepare the country to combat its spread.

Instead, he kept promising the virus was well under control; that it would go away when the weather got warmer in the spring; that it would vanish like a miracle one day. He also stated emphatically that he would take no responsibility for managing the COVID-19 crisis.

Trump is a failure as a national leader in a crisis situation. And the U.S., as the leading democracy in the world, will be constantly engaged with crises that require strong leadership to defeat any enemy — seen or unseen — that tries to destroy the country.

Trump is an unpatriotic American. He cares about the country only in terms of how it can benefit him and his family. He has not the ability or desire to work across political ideologies to secure programs to improve the quality of life for as many Americans as possible.

If legislation doesn’t improve his family’s bottom line — either monetarily, socially or politically — he won’t support it. If he doesn’t support it as president, the legislation won’t get signed. His approach to governance by the issuance of executive orders has all but wiped Congress off the balance of powers map as outlined by the Constitution.

With Trump as president, the country is being run as a dictatorship, not as a democracy. Instead, power rests with the Trump Organization, with all benefits flowing to the Trump crime family.

Trump and his millions of rabid believers create their own reality of unproven facts that threaten the well-being of the U.S. not just at home, but abroad.

For the past nearly four years, Trump, his executive branch and congressional acolytes have worked tirelessly at degrading and delegitimizing nonpolitical career officials who typically run the federal government. It had nothing to do with a theoretical commitment to small government, but was all about a commitment to Trump.

As Salon writer Heather Digby Parton wrote in an article earlier this year, “These officials, whether in the intelligence community, the Department of Justice, the Pentagon, the EPA, Homeland Security or the State Department, are all tasked with seeing that rules, norms, regulations and laws are followed, and that impartial facts and data are produced so the government and private sector can make rational decisions.

The article states:

“They had to be marginalized in order to protect this inept, impulsive, narcissistic president, who had no understanding of how government works and no knowledge of what his job entailed.

“Trump’s allies have been relentless in their mission. The turnover in the first three years of this administration has been staggering. When agency heads weren’t forced to leave because of blatant corruption they were pushed out ignominiously for anything from perceived personal slights to jealousy over too much positive attention from the press to differences over his reckless policy decisions.

“And he has most often decided not to name permanent replacements but to leave “acting” heads in charge, ostensibly because he likes the flexibility. The truth is that he has taken to placing unqualified cronies in important jobs who probably couldn’t get Senate approval, and leaving a large number of jobs unfilled.”

Abuse of power, anyone? This, along with Trump’s constant fawning over Russian President Vladimir Putin and authoritarian thugs in China and North Korea should ensure that Trump’s face will grace as many “Not Don the Con in 2024” social media posts as can be generated in the months and years to come.

The U.S. doesn’t need another destructive tour of duty by Trump or any of his clan of unethical, amoral, self-absorbed political wannabes. None of them — not even Don the Con — has a clue about what it takes to effectively run a government for, of and by the people.

Remember: If you hear anyone say they will support Trump in a presidential redux four years from now, the answer is simple: Nobody. Named. Trump. In. The. White. House. Ever. Again. Full stop.

2 thoughts on “Nobody named Trump in the White House ever again

  1. There is only one sure way to stop anyone named Trump in 2024. You need to win two more senate seats on Jan 5 2021 or remove the GOP from power in 2022 by a landslide. I am hoping that the state of New York manages to convict the criminals and put them all behind bars before 2024. However, Biden should also clean house at DOJ in case NY fails to convict.

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