Media should ignore Trump’s attempt to stay in the spotlight

The news we SHOULD be focusing on.

After four years of making certain the country was aware of every utterance from our impeached president, news outlets should know better than to continue supporting Donald J. Trump’s propaganda campaign that is designed to deconstruct America.

However, more than a week after political pundits called the election for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, reporters across the country keep repeating Trump’s childlike whining that he won’t concede and that he’ll prove he won in a court of law.

We heard Trump’s nonsense the first time it was reported. We heard it the second and third time his Twitter rants were issued from some room in the White House where he remained out of sight, wallowing in self pity.

He can’t stand having the Big L — as in LOSER — attached to his family name, so just to confirm it one more time while rubbing salt in the wound, Trump LOST!

And yes, it’s clear beyond a reasonable doubt Trump won’t concede the ass-kicking he took from Biden on Election Day. He won’t cooperate in any way with a transition from his unethical, corrupt administration to the new Executive Branch leadership approved by a record 78 million Americans that also secured 306 Electoral College votes.

Now it’s about recounts in Wisconsin and Georgia. It’s about how U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, tried to browbeat the Peach State’s Republican Secretary of State into tossing out “flawed” ballots. The not-so-great senator insists he was just educating himself on how Georgia managed its vote-counting process. It needs to be noted that the secretary of state called it what it clearly was — an attempt to have a large number of ballots thrown out with the intended outcome of turning the state from blue to red.

Sorry, Miss Lindsey, you got caught doing exactly what your boss, Trump, accused the Democrats of doing: cheating.

The media keeps retelling the story with bated breath, but we heard it the first time. It isn’t surprising what Graham tried to do. What is amazing is that a Republican officeholder exposed the clearly illegal request. Surely the wrath of Don the Con is about to hit this ethically and morally correct person square on his public Twitter page.

The story that should be at the top of all newscasts is why federal and state law enforcement officials have not hauled Graham in for questioning about his failed attempt to force a public official to commit a crime.

News media reps need to stop recycling days-old stories about Trump and his cohorts’ shenanigans aimed at vainly trying to keep Biden, Harris and their qualified team from entering the White House and uncovering all the damage done by the wannabe dictator and his minions during the past four years.

Instead of ranting and raving about Trump’s lack of concern for the future of our country, the focus should be on how Biden is pulling together a team of professionals to tackle the crippling crises facing America:  COVID-19, systemic racism, a faltering economy, and reestablishing the United States as the major force for democracy around the world.

So, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC and, yes, even Fox News, stop repeating Trump’s desperate attempts at overturning Election Day results. Ignore his frantic ranting about how he was cheated out of a second term. Quit speculating about why he hasn’t conceded defeat. That’s old news and not worth the air time or print space.

Note to The Washington Post: You can stop counting the number of lies Trump has told since taking office nearly four years ago. It doesn’t matter any more.

Turn the cameras off when he appears in the White House press briefing room to talk about how allegedly fraudulent votes were cast or how allegedly illegal ballots were tossed into machines that provided Biden with a flawed victory.

Ignore him. Provide coverage of what Biden and his team are already planning to do as soon as he takes the oath of office in some 60 days.

Put Trump and his lying ways in your rear-view mirrors. He is history. He is toast. He is a loser who hungers for attention he no longer deserves.

It’s Biden and Harris’ turn in the spotlight. Time for elected officials of all political stripes to get back to the business of governing the country for the good of all Americans.

It’s what the people of this country elected them to do. It’s what the people of this country need for you to cover each day so we can be certain our taxpayer dollars are hard at work, not being wasted on a golf course or in a basement bunker tweeting out nonsense.

3 thoughts on “Media should ignore Trump’s attempt to stay in the spotlight

  1. L is for loser and lame duck. I agree his stupid propaganda campaign is designed to divide and deconstruct America. We should just ignore him. He’s unbalanced and dangerous.


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