Americans’ giblets are fried over Trump’s nonstop whining

Another Thanksgiving in America is history, and, what a day and month it has been. Hands down, this has been the most bizarre Thanksgiving in almost 400 years.

Our thanksgiving that Donald John Trump — Oval Office Occupant #45 — lost the election might have felt more sincere but for the fact that he’s still refusing to admit that he LOST “the most secure election in history.” Not just lost it, but was eclipsed by nearly 6,000,000 votes.

On Thanksgiving Day he declared:

“Just saw the vote tabulations. There is NO WAY Biden got 80,000,000 votes!!! This was a 100% RIGGED ELECTION. AND I WON THE ELECTION. VOTER FRAUD ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. Our case STRONGLY continues, we will keep up the good fight. This was a LANDSLIDE!”

Yep. It was a landslide — for Joseph Biden, Jr.

An astonishing 65 percent of all eligible voters — the highest percentage since 1908 according to data from the Associated Press and the US Elections Project — stood in lines to vote in person or vote by mail.

Biden’s margin of victory keeps growing thanks to the counting, recounting and more recounting because Trump and sycophants refuse to admit that they LOST. In Trump’s ever growing delusional mind, he NEVER LOSES.

But when he does lose, his losses are legend.

Yet he just won’t stop.

At last count, he and his histrionic mouthpiece, Rudy “Help Me, My Brain is Leaking” Giuliani, were 2-for-32 with their court challenges. If Rudy were a sports coach, his ass would on the trash heap.

Let’s talk about what passed for Thanksgiving 2020, and what came before:

In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Native Americans from the Wampanoag Tribe shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as perhaps the first Thanksgiving celebration in the colonies. For more than two centuries, days of thanksgiving were celebrated by individual colonies and states.

But this year, millions were forced to self-quarantine because of COVID-19, a disease that has caused nearly 300,000 deaths, a ghastly tally that is growing by the hour. Americans who already had enough to be miserable about after only seeing family members during a Zoom meeting, were also force-fed a steady diet of lies and cries from the overstuffed turkey in the White House who simply won’t accept defeat.

Trump’s insanity is playing out in real time, minute by minute, hour after hour, day by day as an angry, incoherent Trump rants and destroys our democracy from the inside with unchallenged executive orders.

If this were any other moment in time, the president’s Cabinet would step in and invoke The 25th Amendment, which in short says that if the president is unable to do his job, the vice president takes over. But Trump’s Cabinet is not a normal Cabinet, and our vice president is “Mousey” Mike Pence, a man with no backbone, who won’t even allow himself to be alone in a room with any woman other than his wife. Pence is whipped by his wife — nicknamed Mother — and is likely to be of the same mindset about Delusional Donald.

If Pence were to step up and stop Trump’s vicious, destructive, scorched earth movement, maybe in four years he could run for the White House, but he’s just too weak. And with Senate Majority Leader “Moscow Mitch” McConnell also in Trump’s corner, other frightened tRUMPlican party members are simply placating Trump.

Donald is a ticking, tweeting time bomb. With less than two months remaining in his term, the damage he can still inflict is incalculable. Even more chilling is the fact that he has valuable national security information — and remember, he is best buds with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As daffy as it sounds, what if an American president were to flee to Russia?

But, we all know this is not some cheap novel, right? It’s our sad reality.

At the White House, Donnie’s family probably dined on turkey with all the trimmings while Donnie himself probably gulped down a couple of Big Macs, fries, a fish sandwich and potato chips. Then he golfed at his own club — again — while Americans died from COVID-19.

Fitting for Trump would have been a crow-flavored bird, served cold.

Will this unappetizing national embarrassment ever end?

3 thoughts on “Americans’ giblets are fried over Trump’s nonstop whining

  1. My new revenge fantasy: Lock the Dump clan (and his enablers) in one side of a large room with a digital scoreboard, food, and wi-fi blocker. On the other side of the clear floor to ceiling partition will be the Sesame Street Count and all the ballots from the states Dump is contesting and a one-way intercom system so they can hear him but he can’t hear them (call it results tabulation precautions). And the Count will go through the ballots in full view of Dump over the intercom.

    One for Biden, ah-ah-ah!
    Two for Biden, ah-ah-ah!…

    How high would the Count count before they all started screaming!
    And every hour, there would be a reminder from someone that “every vote must be counted after all,” and they can’t leave until it’s done.

    I’m gonna savor this mental image with another cup of coffee for a while.


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