Is Trump Nuts Or Crazy Like A Fox?

Sadly, Trump probably won’t end his days inside St. Elizabeths Hospital in Southeast Washington. But if he ultimatey cops an insanity defense, he might still be evaluated there before being sent to putter away his days on a secluded golf course.. — Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post

The crafty grifter hanging onto the White House by his fingernails would have you believe he is totally insane.

During a report Monday from the White House, CNN correspondent John Harwood reported, “The President himself is a kook.”

While Harwood’s latent discovery is not earthshaking, it may be the first time a CNN reporter — or any national television reporter — publicly declared what at least 80 million Americans already suspected.

The Beltway news insiders have been besides themselves since Friday, when it was revealed Donald Trump had closeted up with wacko civilian attorney Sidney Powell and disgraced former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to explore ways for Trump to regain the presidency.

Flynn, a bonkers former U.S. Army lieutenant general, was convicted of lying to the FBI after twice confessing that he did it. He was pardoned by Trump in November.

The disgraced general is as loose as a box of rocks. He once said he must have “put the fear of God” into former President Barack Obama because Obama warned Trump not to hire him in 2016. Obama fired Flynn as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in 2014 over so-called management issues that left his fellow generals and admirals wondering if DIA had been compromised by a lunatic.

Trump then appointed him as his National Security Adviser. Flynn lasted just 24 days working for Trump,

A passionate QAnon follower, Flynn reportedly proposed that Trump declare martial law in the states he lost in the November election. Once Trump seized power with federal troops, he could make local governments stage do-over elections where Trump would win given a second chance. Flynn’s maniacal  notion was seconded by Powell, who is so over the top that Trump’s over-the-top personal attorney Rudy Giuliani said he fired her from his legal team last month for being a whack job.

“Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own,” Giuliani said in his Nov. 22 statement. “She is not a member of the Trump legal team. She is also not a lawyer for the president in his personal capacity.”

“That statement is no longer operative,” as disgraced President Richard M. Nixon’s press secretary Ron Ziegler once said when Nixon was caught in a bald-faced lie. Then as now, not a single politician in the Republican party would say the president had lied, fibbed, or even “prevaricated.” 

It was the beginning of the end of Nixon’s blighted rule.

If Flynn’s seditious plot to seize the country wasn’t enough to cause national heartburn, Giuliani, at home recovering from COVID-19, opined that Trump should issue an executive order to seize the voting machines that were used in his lost election. The former New York City mayor and Trump’s only personal lawyer since William Barr resigned as attorney general, reportedly told Trump he should seize voting machines from Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania to look for evidence of vote-switching.  

Everything the triumvirate of loony tunes have recommended to Trump suggests that most rational readers will come to the same conclusion as Harwood about our insane president. It is not a big stretch for Trump to elevate himself from being a nut to being a kook.

Tossing a president — even a certifiable nut case — into an asylum is bad form. America has no precedent for dealing with the likes of Trump.  In other times and places, it was easier to remove leaders who disappointed the fickle electorate. The French, who have always marched to their own drummer, used the guillotine to make political corrections. The most distinguished victim was King Louis XVI, who lost his head with all the solemnity due a king.

Four days after the nascent national convention convicted the king of high treason on Jan. 17, 1793 Louis was executed in front of huge crowd by Charles-Henri Sanson, then high executioner of the First French Republic — and previously royal executioner under Louis.

Many more fallen potentates in civilized Europe received a drumhead courts-martial, a final cigarette and a pistol to honorably resolve their difficult situation. Those who refused on principle were put up against a wall and shot

Trump, 74, is faced with a similar dilemma. He knows he will soon be facing both criminal and civil complaints that very well could bring down his entire empire, leaving him with a few paltry millions to live on until he dies.

He apparently still believes he can pardon his way out of his troubles. He should have realized that is a bad plan when the three Supreme Court justices he appointed turned their backs on him the first time he called in a marker. In any event, even if he pardons himself, his family and his cohorts, he is only protecting his beneficiaries from federal offenses. Trump and his children have plenty of potential fraud charges awaiting in state courts — and the Borough of Manhattan — that could send him and his cabal of criminals to Sing Sing for a long stretch.

Lucky for him, Trump still has an out. If he is ever dragged before the wheels of justice he can, with absolute honesty, claim he is crazy as a loon. No other president in American history has worked so diligently to destroy the very foundation of the United States. Only a crazy man would want to.

Back in the good ol’ days before insane people were allowed most of the legal protections that America’s citizens occasionally enjoy, the United States government used to send its most obnoxious, powerful people in the military and government to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, D.C., for help.

The gloomy, fortress-like structure remains a model for repressive loony bins in film and books. It is where fictional character Hannibal Lecter was held for study when innocent FBI Special Agent Clarice Starling made his acquaintance. She was already put off because Lecter ate his friend’s liver with fava beans and a nice Chianti.

St Elizabeth’s opened in 1855 using the name Government Hospital for the Insane. It was pitched as the first beneficent facility for treating desperately insane people. In its heyday during the 1950s, St. Elizabeth’s held more than 8,000 patients, many of them government employees and military officers suspected of treason and other high crimes. Approximately 2,050 military and 3,000 civilian interments occurred on the nine-acre cemetery on the East Campus during the 120 years it was in full operation.

Sadly for justice, St. Elizabeth’s is no more. Since 2010, the hospital’s functions have been limited to the portion of the east campus operated by the District of Columbia Department of Mental Health. If Trump completely loses the few marbles he has left, he might be sent there for his initial evaluation but he won’t stay.

It is more like that Trump  will be encouraged to putter around his golf courses where he can explain to anyone willing to listen how the presidency was stolen from him by Deep State pedophiles. He deserves nothing more.

“We’re all going to have to live with it for 30 days,” Harwood concluded his report. “While he does nothing about it or tries to do something, in which case he’ll be stopped, but nevertheless, it’s continued trauma for the country.”

7 thoughts on “Is Trump Nuts Or Crazy Like A Fox?

    1. Hey Rugby 843. I played that once in Galveston. The team needed a body. Forget what I was called but my job was to be pummeled unmercifully. Thanks for reading and commenting. It really does seem inappropriate on principle, but there is always an exception.

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  1. We wouldn’t have to live with it for another month if the GOP grew a spine. Fine piece. I wonder if he is trying to establish an insanity defense to use when the Southern District of New York catches up to him.

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    1. Thanks for saying such a nice thing. It seems like the sharks are circling Trump big time now… everybody is taking a bite out of him. I sure hope we contributed a wee bit to all that. The guy is nuts… Cops used to say the perp is 10-96 when describing nuts so they wouldn’t go off to nut land. Trump is definitely 10-96. Whole family is bent. Do us all a favor and write another round of Jared and Ivanka, featuring Daddy Donald.


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