With apologies to Bob Dylan, ‘a hard reign’s gonna fall’

As desperately as Donald Trump is fighting to cling to the golden goose egg of his Oval Office Occupation, his fall is imminent.

It’s been a hard reign, and it’s going to fall. His regime is literally kaput. He lost the damned election by millions of votes.

In the last weeks of his tenure, Donnie is becoming more unhinged, almost hourly.

He still refuses to admit defeat, and even as his base is dying of the virus, Delusional Despicable Donald has been playing golf and  pardoning political cronies and child murderers at an alarming rate.

Trump has milked and bilked not only his base, but every American for more than four years as the worst Oval Office Occupant in our nation’s history.

As he continues to plead for cash for his “Election Defense Fund,” his unlikely 2024 re-election bid and numerous other transparent scams, time is not on his side. Trump is simply a conman. He seems perfectly content to go down in history as the worst, least liked, most ineffectual president ever.

Trump faces a plethora of legal and financial woes. Soon, very soon, the s##t is gonna fall on him in torrents.

He continues to be enabled by some of the most desperate, despicable Republicans in Congress who have signed on to crew his Ship of Fools and Vipers. They insist he won the election and continue to feed Donnie’s crazed ego. By joining Trump’s mindless, fact-free claims of a “rigged election,” these congressional stooges have pissed on their oaths of office. These schmucks are all part of his reign. There should be retribution.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) should refuse to seat them for at least 30 days, if not for longer. Certainly, if the roles were reversed, tRUMPlicans would absolutely retaliate with vengeance.

First Lady Melania Trump could be one of the few geniuses in Trump’s inner circle: if reports are correct, she has already accepted defeat and has been packing and sending items to both New York and Florida. She and Donnie certainly won’t be missed by anyone other than the blind faithful.

Perhaps unaware that his mail-order bride has been packing his skivvies, Donnie spews praise her way on Twitter, calling Melania “the greatest First Lady of all time,” while retweeting a Breitbart post that said “elitist snobs in the fashion press” were ostracizing the “most elegant First Lady in American history.”

Politico reported Monday that “Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) and Trump’s defeated electors from Arizona may force Vice President Mike Pence to publicly pick a side in Trump’s bid to overturn his 2020 election loss.”

Gohmert and a handful of the would-be electors sued Pence in federal court on Monday in a longshot bid to throw out the rules that govern Congress’ counting of electoral votes, which will happen next week. It’s an effort, they hope, that will permit Pence — who is tasked with leading the Jan. 6 session of the House and Senate — to simply ignore President-elect Joe Biden’s electors and count Trump’s losing slates instead.

The effort is virtually certain to fail, even though the judge hearing the suit is a Trump appointee.

The reign is over, folks!

One of the most puzzling aspects of the Republican fight for Trump’s re-election is that he has been the worst, most unpopular Republican president ever. He has increased the national debt and mishandled the fight against the virus that is killing their party members who have followed Trump’s example by refusing to wear masks during a pandemic.

Yet they seem to care not.

In these waning days of Trump’s reign, he should not be allowed to make any executive decisions that affect national security, national welfare,  or national expenditures.

Pence, who is likely the most invisible vice president in years, should be prepared to step up if Trump attempts to extend his stay in the Oval Office.

Jan. 20, 2021 is a lifetime away. Storm clouds are gathering over the White House, and the reign is going to fall.

3 thoughts on “With apologies to Bob Dylan, ‘a hard reign’s gonna fall’

  1. I wish that were true! If the Dems. don’t win the senate then I think that Moscow Mitch will be a big problem. He will do anything to regain power for the GOP in 2022. He will also faced backlash from Trump if he helps Biden in any minor way. He has six more years in office to wreck any progress legislation.

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