Hand over heart: Will you pledge allegiance to the United States or to Trump? It’s time to decide.

Republicans in Congress and tens of million GOPers across the country will need to decide this week if the Pledge of Allegiance they learned early in life — place your right hand over your heart and recite what is a mission statement for a centuries old republic — is meant to support the United States or Donald J. Trump.

On Wednesday, Congress is scheduled to confirm Electoral College results based on the Nov, 3, 2020, Election Day popular vote that showed President-elect Joe Biden defeating Trump in a landslide — 306 Electoral College votes to 232. As detailed in the Constitution, this should be just a procedural event as it has been during the past few decades.

Trump, however, as is his wont has transformed it into personal loyalty stunt. Since he can’t stand losing, he wants congressional Republicans to challenge the Electoral College certification of the popular vote and, if possible, send the presidential contest to a showdown in the House of Representatives where he could secure four more years in the White House.

It’s at best a long shot, but Trump wants to take that gamble even if it bankrupts the country and the Republican Party. He has bullied GOP lawmakers into carrying his water on Wednesday. Some 140 House members and at least one senator have announced they will call into question Biden’s Election Night beat-down of Trump.

Apparently it’s more important for these anti-American legislators to pledge allegiance to Trump than to the country and the people who elected them to govern our complex democracy.

Not only has Trump pressured congressional GOPers to battle the odds for his personal and political benefit, he has also called on supporters to flood Washington, D.C. this week to demonstrate in support of his fraudulent claims that Biden “stole” the election.

Apparently having the baseless claims of illegal voting activity tossed out of courts across the country isn’t good enough for this wannabe dictator and target of criminal investigations in the State of New York.

Trump feels the need to force amoral and aspiring GOP political hacks to take a loyalty test. The question these shortsighted lawmakers need to answer is when they put their right hand over their heart and recite the Pledge of Allegiance, are they doing so in support of the United States or to further Trump’s destructive mission.

Let’s review the Pledge of Allegiance so everyone can understand without question what Trump’s lemmings are turning their backs on for the sake of their political careers. Here’s what most Americans grew up saying at the start of every school day:

I pledge allegiance
To the flag
Of the United States of America
And to the Republic
For which it stands
One Nation
Under God
With liberty and justice
For all

A few years ago a class of 5th graders at a major metropolitan school translated the pledge as it related to their view of the country. This week, that grade school lesson might be instructive for Trump and Republicans in Congress and across the country who seem intent on overturning the will of an overwhelming majority of voters.

Here’s how the students translated the Pledge’s patriotic statement:

I promise to be loyal
To the symbol of our country
Each state that has
joined our country
To a country where people
choose others
to make laws for them
The flag stands for our country
A single country
Most of the people believe in
The country cannot be
split into parts
With freedom and fairness
For each person in the country

Start with “promise to be loyal to the symbol of our country,” move on to “a country where people choose others to make laws for them,” focus on “the flag stands for . . . a single country . . . [that] cannot be split into parts,” and then take a few minutes to digest the closing sentence “with freedom and fairness for each person in the country.”

Nowhere either in the Pledge itself or the students’ interpretation is there a call for supporting a power-hungry, megalomaniac, criminally encumbered person such as Trump.

So ,Republican lawmakers, before you take a public stand for soon-to-be former President Trump, stand in front of a mirror, put your right hand over your heart and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. What do you see? A person with love of country or an opportunist chasing after the pied piper of American politics?

Hopefully, you and your supporters will choose country over corruption before it’s too late for your careers and for the United States of America.

6 thoughts on “Hand over heart: Will you pledge allegiance to the United States or to Trump? It’s time to decide.

  1. Well written. Each time I think that things can’t get worse, they do. I, along with many people in the US, AND abroad, am appalled by the latest shenanigans of the person who has held the office of president. I will ask that which I have asked repeatedly over the past four years: WHERE IS CONGRESS? If Hilary or Obama had pulled the stunt that Trump pulled with the Georgia Secretary of State, the response would have been swift, and loud.

    It’s not too late for our elected representative to remember the oaths they took. It’s not too late for them to read the Constitution—-it’s not an optional, extra-credit document. it’s not too late for them to, at the very least, censure him.

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  2. Reblogged this on Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth and commented:
    It’s time to rethink what patriotism means. It isn’t loyalty to a party or person or ambition to become “important.” It’s about service, honor, caring, protection for everyone in every state. I have trouble believing how bad things have gotten that we have an entire party that doesn’t seem to recognize that if they twist the system enough, the system will fall — and they will be amongst its biggest losers.


  3. I reblogged you. It’s time for Americans in general and the GOP in particular to decide the meaning of “patriotism.” It isn’t loyalty to a party or person. It isn’t ambition to be the most powerful pol. It involves honor, belief in what we supposedly stand for and preservation of our heritage for everyone, no matter who they are or where they live. If the Republicans effectively convince their OWN party to undermine faith in the system — the faith that has kept us going for these few hundred years — they will, in the end, be the biggest (but not only) losers. Truly, they know not what they are doing or how deep the damage the are causing can go. I am so sorry I have lived to see this. This is heartbreaking for everyone.


  4. While I do agree mostly with what you have written I have to mention that I take issue with the “interpretation” of the Pledge of Allegiance. My problem with it is that completely omits any interpretation of “One nation under God.” To me, “one nation” speaks to the fact that we should NOT be divided. Yes, we may have differing opinions but we are supposed to respect the process through fair elections. The fact that God is mentioned at all is evidence that our founding fathers believed in God and the fact that He alone is sovereign to the United States. Taking out the mention of God won’t change facts and denies children the opportunity to study a part of our cultural roots.


    1. While I certainly respect your views, the truth is that the mention of god in the Pledge of Allegiance has nothing to do with the Founding Fathers. The first version of the Pledge was not written until 1892, and the bit about god wasn’t added until 1954.


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