Pence might act more presidential, but he deserves no honor

Before everyone falls ass over heels praising Milquetoast Mike Pence, for standing up to Donald Trump, please remember, he was one of the first to embrace Donnie after his vile “Mexican rapists” speech in Trump Tower.

That earned him the selection as Trump’s vice president.

Even when virtually every shrink, mental health worker and sane Americans knew The Donald was nuts, Pence became his cock-sock.

A man who claims not to allow himself to be alone in a room with any woman without his wife being present is just, whoosh, spooky.

And his beady little eyes and that f’n smirk. . . .

There’s a fairly popular drawing of Pence kneeling before The Donald. Draw whatever inference from that as you may.

Even while Trump’s Army of feral humans raced through the Capitol last week, smashing doors, windows, furniture and screaming, “Hang Mike Pence! Hang Mike Pence!” his boss was was painting him as a Judas.

Divine justice?

Pence couldn’t bring himself to invoke The 25th Amendment to remove the man who incited his worshipers to violence against Pence and members of Congress for simply honoring their oaths to uphold the Constitution — not Trump himself.

But in truth, Pence is just as culpable for the Jan. 6 riot and attempted coup as Trump. Pence has put party over country for more than four years.

Even though only days remain in Trump’s reign of lies, deceit and murder — his failure to deal with the deadly coronavirus is killing thousands of Americans daily — he accepts no responsibility for it, the riot, or anything else.

Some rioters have said Trump “called them to come” to Washington. Though he later called for the mob to disperse, Trump also told those who stormed the Capitol they were “very special,” adding, “We love you.”

Last week he claimed he was “outraged by the violence, lawlessness and mayhem” of the Capitol siege that he had incited, and said those who “broke the law will pay.”

That half-baked rebuke was enough to piss off his faithful, however. A story in the United Kingdom’s Guardian newspaper quoted one as saying it was “a punch in the gut.” Another railed that it was “a stab in the back,” while a third said, “I feel like puking.”

Trump’s approval rating, meanwhile, has plummeted to the lowest job approval of his presidency — 29 percent. And as the days pass, he is getting increasingly negative ratings for his post-election conduct.

Finally, after almost five years of Twittering, he was banned, along with Facebook, because of his threats of insurrection.

And has his everlasting legacy, an historic second impeachment, which he appears to be shrugging off.

A possible conviction is now in the Senate’s court, where the ever-faithful Mitch McConnell has stalled it.

Far from slinking from the White House in disgrace like Richard Nixon, Trump’s band of looters — including staff members who have been photographed leaving the building with framed photographs, and one who was even seen carrying off a bust of Abraham Lincoln — are planning to go out with style. Trump and his staff are planning a “red carpet” and “21-gun military salute event,” complete with color guard and military band. That shameful display is set to take place just before Joe Biden is sworn in as the nation’s 46th president.

Trump’s departure ceremony from Joint Base Andrews in Maryland will be his final flight aboard Air Force.
One. Trump never misses a chance to dominate the news cycle.

In another break with tradition, The Donald says he won’t attend Biden’s inauguration. Trump will become only the fourth president in history to boycott his successor’s inauguration.

And Milquetoast Mikey Pence? He says he’ll be there.

But for him, it’s all about 2024.

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Donald? Mike should be, it’s still Trump’s party.

Will someone please count the silverware and dishes before Donald walks out?


1) After this story was written and published, the Pentagon released said Donald Trump will not be receiving the military sendoff he so wanted.

2) A special mention to reader George Vlachos, who correctly pointed out that it is normal practice for various White House furnishings, including furniture, paintings, sculptures, etc., to be removed so that the incoming administration can select its own decor. However, while scenes of people walking out of the White House with valuable objects might be readily explained, would it surprise anyone to learn that one or more people from the Trump administration had made off with something he or she shouldn’t have? We think not.

— Dutton Peabody

3 thoughts on “Pence might act more presidential, but he deserves no honor

  1. Im a bit disappointed. The staffers carrying out the art has already been researched and found that it is regular for items to go back to museums and to the white house collection. The incoming president and first lady are allowed to pick the objects they want to decorate the presidential suite with from these places and after their term are returned.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. But I’ve been watching Trump and his shameless crew of grifters for four long years, and still wouldn’t put it past them to make a strategic theft here and there. Keep an eye on the silverware!


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