Can Bazooka Joe Save America From Donald Trump’s Vituperous Legacy?

I started looking for all the FBI-reported war chatter cluttering up Facebook and Twitter and conversations in right-wing blogs to see what all the hot scoop was about. Never look up a right wing organization unless you are prepared for a barrage of the “latest hot poop from the city of baked beans (Boston)” or some other such crappola in your junk folder.

The Feds must be referring to the folks with GI Joe gizmos hanging off their personnel people movers. These gun-toting patriots have apparently developed their own patois of American English to fool the rest of us simple folk about how libtards, people of color, professors, scientists, socialist/LGBTQ brothers and sisters, and “all the other hippy faggot groups” are ruining “Amerka.”

In divining that bit of information, I also discovered that LGBTQ means Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning. I don’t think the right-wingers know what it means yet. It’s a hard word for them to pronounce, but to be honest I am still mulling over the “questioning” label, it seems so unsettled.

But these groups need to be aware of all the really rude bastards with guns and knives that are swarming around them. The brute force contingent runs in packs because alone, they are cowards. The Proud Boys are a good example. They rely on bluster and bullying, but that only goes so far. Beat a dog long enough and it will try and rip your face off, and it will come to that if the Proud Boys or their ilk show up back up in Washington, D.C. or anywhere else, so we probably won’t be hearing from them except on videotape.

The Proud Boys of today are the offspring of the graduates of the KKK, Aryan Nation, and armed thugs like the Covenant, Sword and the Arm of the Lord, cretins who walked around in Nazi regalia when I was younger. They were so busy Sieg Heiling each other in a remote Arkansas encampment while the clown-costumed Klansmen nodded approvingly that none of them noticed that the FBI and U.S. Marshals had gotten in among them. Seeing that was better than a fat doobie.

The Feds busted a lot of them, but their offspring are still lustily wriggling for attention.

If super-haters like these guys can’t find a helpless victim on which to afflict their misery, there are always the traditional targets like black and brown churches, their ministers, their parishioners, and their innocent children.  Thank God that intentionally killing children has stopped for a while, though that breed of murderer is being replaced by even more rabid crazies who simply hate life.

For those on the right who are looking for a boogeyman to attack, their target options include the Black Lives Matter movement, cops, teachers, scientists and women. For those who prefer to ramp up their words with senseless destruction, there are synagogues and mosques to despise.

Religious intolerance is climbing in popularity as an outlet for the far-right crowd. Combining religious fervor with jingoistic tendencies is producing dangerous zealots.  Currently, there are confrontational battles taking place between various sects of “born-again Christians” fighting over whether they have been hoodwinked by Trump’s indecent machine.

There are problems among reborn, newborn and fundamentalist Christians over whether Trump is really a man worthy of their respect and reverence, or that amoral, irreligious, womanizing, lying, cheating hyena of a human most of the world knows him to be. As for me, I’m with those voting for hyena, which likewise was a terrible creation.

The problem between the extreme left and the extreme right might be more about communication than dissimilar idealism. Hating has become an automatic reflex. We need to fix that, and  speaking to each other without a clinched mind is a good first step.

When I was a kid, we had secret Bazooka Joe code books taken from inside bubble gum wrappers. They came with secret messages to send back and forth in class. Those secret messages inspire friendship. Those Bazooka Joe code books  were purportedly based on code books that helped win World War II. It took quite a few five cent purchases to assemble the the code — it seems that even then we didn’t get much for a nickel.

In that time, it was considered patriotic for America to keep secrets. Loose lips were still sinking ships in the Cold War. Us kids did our part by teaching each other Pig Latin so we could whisper escape plans and our vast array of military secrets out of the corners of our mouths if we ever found ourselves in a desperate situation.

Today’s patriots — at least those at the top of their game — use “indecipherable” e-mail programs that the FBI and other intelligence services get a kick out of deciphering in real time. The Ruskies apparently can spoof U.S. intelligence, but it will be awhile for Patriots from Podunk figure it out.

Last week, the Feds let out a story naming several such programs that have seen huge increases in sales since the Trump-inspired idiots who overran the Capitol Building last week discovered that posting their adventures on Facebook and Twitter wasn’t such a good idea.

Isn’t high tech lovable sometimes?

No wonder Trump grows apoplectic at the Silicon Valley brain trust. They have figured out how to make money off everyone simultaneously and Trump, presumably, isn’t getting a cent.

Among my diminishing number of friends who still enunciate political differences about white privilege, black rage, loss of religious freedom, inoculations and face masks, most have forgotten how to listen and learn.

But more concerning are the camouflaged lizard people living among us who apparently really believe that rainbow-hued Democrats are tearing infants from their mothers’ breasts and holding them in filthy pens hidden inside pizza parlors. In their warped reality, Democrats fatten up these children and sell them to cannibalistic pedophiles who like to play with their food before eating it.

QAnon reports that these events are occurring wherever fine pizza is sold.

Like President-elect Joe Biden said the other day, “What in hell is wrong with people?”

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