Some parting words for Trump supporters

Sad legacy of the Trump administration: National Guardsmen sleep on the floor of the Capitol, ready to protect and ensure a peaceful transfer of power during Joe Biden’s inauguration.

The Trump administration, no doubt the most corrupt in the history of the Republic, screeches to a halt in a matter of hours.

At noon today, in accordance with the Constitution, Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Devi Harris will be sworn in as the president and vice president of the United States.

The Trump Administration, no doubt the most corrupt in the history of the republic, will at last be in the rear view mirror, and its corrupt head will become just another “Florida man.”

It’s been a long four years. Four years of being called a “Dumbocrat,” a “libtard,” a “baby killer,” a “snowflake,” and some other names not worth repeating. Four years of being told “you lost, get over it.” Four years of a presidency that did its best to destroy the environment, separated families in our name, and finally did nothing to stop a pandemic that has killed at least 400,000 Americans, sickened millions, and destroyed the economy.

As a parting shot, the 45th occupant of the Oval Office has insisted that he won the election, refused to concede, and convinced many of you that your vote had somehow been stolen.

Then, on the day when both houses of Congress met in session to finalize the Electoral College results, he somehow induced thousands of you to go to Washington, break into the Capitol, and hold Congress hostage for several hours as you looted, stole, smashed and vandalized your way into the history books.

Now some of you are sorry. You’re claiming you got caught up in the moment. You want to make nice. You’re talking about unity.

You can all go to hell. And take Trump with you.

You don’t get forgiveness. You don’t get reconciliation. Not until you admit your wrongdoing and clean up your mess.

Because of you, this inauguration will be the most austere one since Gerald Ford took the oath quietly in the East Room of the White House in August 1974 in the wake of the resignation of Richard Nixon.

Because of you, there are National Guard troops stationed in Washington to prevent harm to the new president and vice president.

Because of you, there is no parade, no inaugural ball. An honorable man with a lifetime of public service, and a woman whose ascension to the vice presidency is historic on many levels, are deprived of their moment in the sun because of a braying jackass who convinced you that he was heaven-sent.

You are all guilty  of sedition. If George Washington were here to see this, he would be holding mass hangings on the National Mall.

So don’t even bother me with your taunting Facebook posts about how “intolerant” the “libs” are. Don’t try to tell me that the election was rigged, that Biden is senile, or any of the other garbage you want to fling around on the Internet the way some of you flung your feces around the Capitol.

You lost. Get over it.

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