A sigh of relief

Four years ago when The Shinbone Star started its mission to oppose the demagogue who had seized control of our nation, I didn’t know just how hard it would be. In fact I expected it to fail.

Back then, the names Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had not entered my thought processes. I only knew that I needed to do something, even if that something lasted only a month or a week.

But The Shinbone Star did last, right up until the moment Donald Trump flew off to whatever awaits him, and competent leadership returned to the White House.

Even for a crusty old newspaperman who’s seen more than his share of bad news, I teared up today when Harris raised her right hand and swore to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States as our new vice president.

Despite the turmoil and pain of the last four years — and especially the last two weeks — our nation endured and even took a big step forward: Harris is the first woman and the first woman of Black and Asian descent to hold the office.

Today, for the first time in a long time, I am again not ashamed of my country.

The Shinbone Star has been both a relief and a burden. I have been uplifted by messages from loyal staff members who told me just how much it has meant for them to be able to vent, and that they’d have gone stark-raving mad without it as an outlet. At the same time, I’ve been frustrated and even angered sometimes when another article came in at an inopportune time, an article that I’d need to edit immediately when all I really wanted to do was go to bed.

This was not how retirement was supposed to be.

But finally today, watching Harris and Biden taking their oaths of office, I felt fulfilled and profoundly relieved. Others have carried heavier burdens than I over the past four years, but I’m still more than happy to set mine down.

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating, The Shinbone Star site will not be deleted. However, it will no longer be maintained.

Later this week, I will change the permissions so that the loyal staff members who have been with us a long time can just write whatever they want, whenever they want. Will any of them take advantage of that opportunity? I can’t say, but I do know they’ll need to learn a little more about WordPress, and that whatever they write will be unedited.

But regardless of whether there’s ever any new material, the site will remain a testament to our resistance. At last count there were 1,588 articles here, all in firm opposition to the man who tried and failed to destroy our democracy.

It has been my great honor to serve our readership, this country, and its democracy.

Thank you, Joe Biden.

Thank you, Kamala Harris.

Thank you to this wonderful staff.

And thank you, readers, each and every one!

19 thoughts on “A sigh of relief

  1. Proud to have been part of the Shinbone Star. May she continue to be a place where freedom is defended, truth is sought, and the American vision of justice reigns. Proud to be an American today as well. I too tear up thinking how much I wish my mother could have seen Kamala today but grateful my children were able to see such a monumental moment.

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  2. Reblogged this on Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth and commented:
    And thank you Glenn and thank you SHINBONE STAR for giving a clear voice to the pain so many of us have been feeling. I’m also going to slowly lower my presence. Not disappear, just lower my own personal temperature. There are still things that will need saying and issues that will need context and history, but at least we have returned to some kind of sanity. It’s SO overdue!

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  3. Thank you all for your intelligence, humor, with — and proper grammar. Intelligent writing is a rare bird these days and never have I appreciated it more than I have in the past years. I have reblogged you because you deserve it. I send you our respect and appreciation for a job far more than well done. Brilliantly done!

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  4. Congratulations to you Glenn and to all of the Shinbone Star team. Your respective writing has been insightful, interesting, entertaining and well appreciated by readers across the globe. Thank you for your time and efforts to construct well written pieces, editing and posting them for your audience to enjoy. That work was well done and well received. Kudos to you all for your commitment to speak out against the madness and decry it publicly. I applaud you all, and you most of all Glenn, for setting up the Shinbone Star, recruiting colleagues to write and putting in the hours that you did, to review, edit and publish it online. You deserve huge applause!

    And congratulations to America, for having elected a decent man and woman to lead the nation and restore dignity, equality, decency and order, to an administration and country subjected to chaos, outrage, and appalling treatment of people and the natural world over the last four years.

    We in other countries sighed with relief along with you today watching the inauguration from our various homes, because our lives too, and our beautiful world, are affected by US power and its business, military, foreign and climate policies.

    So we raise a glass with you, to a better time ahead for everyone, every animal and ecosystem as the USA steers a much healthier course forward under “new management”, and we all toast Joe & Kamala and those who work with them with shared goals to make it so.

    Sláinte from Ireland! 🍷

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  5. Thank you for all you did. Living in a red state it was comforting to know I was not alone in my views of “he who shall not be named” and his minions. A huge weight is off now and I can go back to ignoring politics (though not completely- this was too close).

    Rest easy now and enjoy retirement.

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  6. Come on Glenn… you really don’t want to weigh in on the Senate trial of our fascist grifter in chief? We don’t want the Don to get away without suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Stay around a bit longer and enjoy twisting the knife a little bit more.

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  7. Speaking as a goddamn limey sumbitch, I would like to thank all you fine ladies and gentlemen for your sterling efforts and your searing contempt for not only the worst President of all times but also one of the worst human beings.
    If you need a London correspondent I’m your huckleberry. I work hard, and best of all, I work cheap!

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  8. I’m proud to be a part of Shinbone Star. It’s been a wild ride. I got to know some old colleagues better, met new friends, and had a creative outlet for my anger and angst of the last four years. Thanks, Glenn!

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  9. Thank you, Glenn, and thank you all at The Shinbone Star. I’m going to miss your posts but they have been such a beacon of light and righteous fury over the past four years and a bit. I hope that one or more will have a few words to say on the Senate trial process as it unfolds…
    In any event, I hope you will all enjoy your retirement or refocus (as appropriate).
    Sending you all warmest wishes from Hampshire in the UK – stay safe and well.

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  10. Six years ago, who would have expected to have a president who would steal James Buchanan’s title as worst president. After all, Buchanan sat with his thumb up his bum while the Union split up between Lincoln’s election and inauguration on March 4.
    Well, we have seen it. Buchanan no longer is the worst president. But he still maintains his title as the first gay president.

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  11. Most grateful thanks to you and all the writers on this blog. I am sure there will always be a need for people to speak truth to power, and I hope The Shinbone Star will carry on–in whatever form it may take.

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