Stop the Red Wave! Make History on Nov. 8, 2022!

Stop worrying about a Red Wave of political mad men and women ending the American experiment of government on Election Day, Nov. 8, 2022.

Join the largest political activist march to polling places across the country during the most critical midterm election cycle in American history. Reach out to family, friends, co-workers with phone calls, e-mails, texts, tweets, social media posts and any other communication tool you’re comfortable using and tell them to jump on a history-making Election Day bandwagon.

If history is made in little more than a week, a Blue Wave could wash out the Red Riptide of corruption, racism, sexism and criminal actions pushed and promoted by twice impeached, criminally inclined former President Donald J. Trump and his enablers.

It happened just two years ago: Nearly 160 million Americans voted in the 2020 presidential sweepstakes that resulted in President Joseph R. Biden decisively ousting Trump from the White House. It also returned the U.S. Congress to a Democratic-led legislative force needed to re-balance the checks-and-balances form of government that was teetering on the brink of collapse.

As CNN reported in January 2021, “turnout was historically bonkers in 2020.”

From CNN: “Roughly two in every three eligible voters cast a ballot in the 2020 election, according to a Pew Institute analysis; a stunning number that smashes all previous turnout records. In total, 66.2 percent of eligible voters participated in the 2020 election. That’s more than the longtime modern turnout record of 65.7% of eligible voters in the 1908 presidential election between William Howard Taft and William Jennings Bryan.” 

That was a presidential election year, you might argue, and this is a midterm campaign. Historically, voter turnout is low in midterm cycles.

Wrong, soon-to-be Election Day history-makers. In 2018, voter turnout for midterm elections during Trump’s massively corrupt, one-term presidency saw nearly half of the country’s voting age population — 47 percent — cast ballots that put the U.S. House of Representatives back into the hands of legislatively minded Democrats. That was a 50-year high in turnout for midterm contests.

History was made then, and history needs to be made again in 2022.

Ignore all the pundits, news anchors, reporters, and seemingly credible pollsters warning us about a political tsunami, that if it washes over the halls of government across the country, could wipe out the American republic and allow authoritarian-minded lawmakers to take control.

Instead, spend time spreading the word about the massive amount of work President Biden and the Democratic-led Congress has done for the American people.

Earlier this week, Biden talked about what his administration and congressional Democrats have accomplished during the past nearly two years in office.

From Biden’s new conference transcript:

“Since I came into office, here’s what we’ve done: historic vaccination efforts that saved lives, helped our economy recover from lost jobs during the [COVID] pandemic; 10 million jobs created — a record for any administration at this point in a presidency; 3.5 percent unemployment — a 50-year low; nearly 700,000 manufacturing jobs created with companies investing millions of dollars to build industries of the future here in America proving that ‘Made in America’ is no longer just a slogan.

“And today we have further proof that we’re rebuilding the economy in a responsible way. Today, my administration announced that this year the deficit fell by $1.4 trillion — the largest drop in American history.”

He also took time to warn Americans about what Republicans intend to do if they regain control of Congress after the midterms:

“The Republican leadership in Congress has made it clear they will crash the economy next year by threatening the full faith and credit of the United States for the first time in our history, putting the country in default unless . . . we yield to their demand to cut Social Security and Medicare.

“You heard that one, right? You all heard them say that. That’s what they’re saying.

Let me be clear: I will not yield. I will not cut Social Security. I will not cut Medicare, no matter how hard they work at it.”

This is a president fighting for his country against a Red Riptide of nonsensical ravings led by Trump Republicans. The pied piper-styled songs they sing might sound good, but they are threatening the future well-being of America.

So, make midterm Election Day history on Nov. 8. Be part of a massive voter turnout to secure the future of the country for generations to come. Get on the bandwagon. Get as many folks as you can find to join you in flooding polling places and put an end to this threat to a country built by the people, for the people.



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