Grab the Popcorn, it’s Movie Madness in Trumplandia

Who knew there was a shortage of Donald Trump propaganda in American culture? If you thought FOX & Friends, Sean Hannity, Roseanne Barr and Sinclair Broadcasting had it all covered, you were wrong. Alas, the one-third of the country that wags the dog and some opportunistic folks have stepped up to meet the demand for some […]

Quitting Trump doesn’t make you a quitter

Dear fence sitters: You voted for Donald Trump, but now you’re not so sure. The absence of a moral code in the Oval Office, the bald-faced lies, the name-calling, threats of war, slavish flattery for dictators and the general chaos that greets each day, often from an early morning tweet, is wearing on the soul. […]

The ‘Trump Effect’ cheapens and corrupts everything it touches

Everything Donald Trump touches is corrupted, cheapened or despoiled, and that includes the people who associate themselves with him. Titans of industry like Rex Tillerson, military standouts like former Gen. John Kelly and Republican Party regulars like Reince Priebus are given false words of praise, then denigrated, chewed up and spit out. This week it’s […]

McCain dying to diss Trump

It’s the ultimate sign of disrespect, from the grave, to ban Donald Trump from attending your funeral. But that’s exactly what Arizona six-term Sen. John McCain is planning, according to friends. Instead, Trump’s most essential nemesis and his betters, the former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, will eulogize at McCain’s funeral, to be […]