Sharia Law, American version

Donald Trump’s most vocal Дурак*, the former House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich, has been preaching the horrors of Sharia Law for years.** Funny thing happened on the way to Trump’s presidency: The self-empowered core of Trump supporters that put an aspiring fascist in office — 81 percent of white evangelicals — are now attempting to ram […]

Hold my beer

China is good, Russia is bad. NATO is not only not obsolete, but is our (very) new best friend. Janet Yellen is one cool broad, we love the Import-Export Bank and Steve Bannon, we hardly knew ya. Each new day for Donald Trump is a game of misdirection and “hold my beer.” Following the Trump […]

Go, and coal no more

“Burning Montana’s coal increases our carbon footprint and accelerates global warming. Coal’s just about as dirty as it gets, and in the West, Montana’s is among the dirtiest.” – Rick Bass, Colstrip, Montana and the Tragedy of an American Coal Plant EDITOR’S NOTE: Colstrip, Montana, is an unremarkable town of about 2,300 with two dozen […]

Nada Don

The dour David Gergen, who has served as adviser to four presidents — and believed to have been, in an earlier life, Teddy Roosevelt’s horse — put Donald Trump’s honeymoon in office in perspective: “The only president who had a worse first 100 days in office was Henry Harrison, and he died after 31 days.” Yes, Donald […]