Beat the rush, start hating President Pence now

If you’re a conservative, President Mike Pence has a nice ring to it. If you’re a women’s rights, minority or LGBTQ advocate, the name gives you the willies. Arguably, Pence is a better choice than Donald Trump, but only compared to Trump, Salem witch hunters or bourka-happy Taliban. His repressive attitudes toward women’s rights and […]

Don’t go away mad, just go away

The Shinbone Star advised readers yesterday that it’s too early to call for Donald Trump’s impeachment, even after Loose Lips decided to spill classified secrets to the Russians. Well, it’s a new day. Let the impeachment proceedings begin! It’s been just four months into Trump’s apprenticeship as Leader of the Free World, and Americans are […]

Trump hires more thugs

And you thought no one could be less suited to public service than power-hungry billionaire Betsy “Vouchers for Private Religious Schools” DeVos. Seems as though Donald Trump was just warming to the task of assembling the most unlikely, improbable, ill-suited, self-obsessed presidential administration in history. In his image. While hundreds of key positions requiring Senate […]

How the new healthcare option is like a dead mule

In “Mississippi Burning,” the character played by Gene Hackman is an old-style FBI Man who has seen and done too much. The weariness shows in his eyes. He tells his young boss, played by Willem Dafoe, about his father who lived and worked himself to death on a dirt poor southern farm.  Seems the old […]

President of some of the United States

When voters in Iowa seemed to forgive candidate Ben Carson for improprieties made in his youth, candidate Donald Trump had a meltdown. “How stupid are the people of Iowa? How stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap?” he demanded. To which a frighteningly prescient Mark Strawn, former chair of the Iowa […]