Groping is not a thrill, when you’re the gropee

Blowback has already set in regarding the “Me Too” complaints of women who have reported unwanted sexual advances or harassment. And like everything else we eat, sleep, drink or think these days, it’s become divided on political lines. We want to make a couple of quick observations. First, it took a male journalist to call […]

What happened to separation of church and state? Trump happened

Thomas Paine, author of the revolution-raising pamphlet Common Sense and beloved rabble-rouser in the American colonies’ fight for independence, was what modern Republican sockpuppets would call a flaming libtard. Thomas Jefferson believed “religion is a matter which lies solely between a Man and his God.” George Washington’s swearing-in was delayed while court officers searched, at […]

For 11 sweet minutes, there was peace in America

For eleven precious minutes Thursday night, there was no @realDonaldTrump, and the Twitterverse went wild with euphoria and titillation. “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist” is destined to go down in history as one of the bright points in Trump’s presidency. Turns out a customer service employee deleted the account on their last day at work, […]