Retread: Dear white women, please clean up your big ugly mess

EDITOR’S NOTE: With not enough writers in our stable, today we turn back the clock and republish an article written by our beloved Bluebird. The article, first published in July 2018, would be the last article that Bluebird wrote for us, as she left this earth a short time later. Written in advance of the November […]

A dummies guide to a constitutional crisis: The courts

(CNN) June 27, 2018 — A federal judge in California last week ordered a halt to most family separations at the U.S. border, and the reunification of all families that have been separated. It was the first major rebuke to the Trump administration during the ongoing furor over the president’s immigration policy. The court order specifically […]

Trump courted favor while Javanka wined and dined

The next U.S. Supreme Court justice will be the product of what’s called a “long con.” Retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy conned the American people, and Donald Trump conned Kennedy. Double dealing, bullying, political corruption and greed is what we’ve learned is normal for the current president. To be honest, I hadn’t given Trump enough credit. […]

Remember the children, and remember who took them away

Tuesday 6/26/2018 10:44 pm: Politico reports a federal judge has ordered the federal government to reunite migrant parents with children taken from them under the Trump administration’s family separation policy. U.S. District Court Judge Dana Sabraw, based in San Diego, issued a preliminary injunction that all children younger than 5 be returned to their parents within […]

Anthony Bourdain Thought of Trump as 5-day-old Fish

New Jersey native and highly lauded chef Anthony Bourdain would have been 62 on July 25th. He never held back, including criticism of Donald Trump, who he despised. Bourdain’s death was announced today. On Trump: “I’m not saying I know the guy personally, not like I’d hug him, but I’m saying that as a New […]

My Subaru is a Spy

Love. It’s what makes a Subaru. But apparently, a Subaru makes Donald Trump angry. Loyally devoted to this brand of automobile, I was shocked to see a Washington Post headline recently that asked, “So you’re telling me my Subaru is a national security threat?” This enraged me more than Donald’s plans to hold a $53 […]