Democracy 1, McConnell 0

  The status of the Senate healthcare repeal bill is … dead on arrival. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell huddled with his henchmen late yesterday in a last-ditch effort to persuade conservative, moderate and libertarian Republicans to all vote in favor of the single biggest issue of Donald Trump’s election campaign. That’s like mixing oil and […]

No words for Trump supporters

Ever try to convince a Donald Trump supporter that #45 is a speeding train headed off a cliff, with the nation in the caboose? It’s maddening, frustrating and incomprehensible. They simply won’t listen to facts, and worse, they don’t believe there are facts. Literally nothing matters except their blind insistence that Obama was out to […]

Well played, Mr. Macron

When Donald Trump visited the French leader, he lied about the cause of his problems at home, defended his bimbo eldest son for conspiring with Russian emissaries to throw the presidential election, and made condescending remarks to the foreign leader’s wife about her appearance. Then he went to dinner, at no less than the very […]

You call it collusion, I call it conspiracy

Collusion with the Russians in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is turning out to be as tough to define as pornography. The “know it when you see it” rule changes depending on which legal expert you talk to and news media you read or watch. John Dean, former White House counsel for Richard Nixon, knows a […]

Who’s watching the kids?

While the president was overseas sharing America’s vision of peace, prosperity and democracy with international leaders, it must have been reassuring to know a crack administrative team back at home was capably handling the nuts and bolts of governance. And we’ll ask Barack Obama how that felt the next time we visit with him. Last […]