The Trump Dump: Why We Need a Wall

Like any red-blooded American I want to help our president. Because he’s the president he deserves everything he wants. This is, after all, not a democracy and hasn’t been for some time. Right now Beloved Ruler is having a hard time convincing anyone that a border wall is needed. He hasn’t helped the cause with […]

The Trump Dump: Why They Voted Trump

Trump’s colossal failings have long been evident to most of us. Now as the economy totters, foreign relations deteriorate, democracy decays and Trump’s criminality is exposed, it’s nearly unfathomable that there are tens of millions who still favor him. How was it that this horrible human being was elected? The seeds that made this national […]

The Trump Dump: All About That Base

The Base. Who are these people? How can they continue unshakeable in their support of Trump? The answer is more easily found in who they are NOT: Women cannot in good conscience support a man who claims he can fondle their genitals with impunity. Blacks cannot in good conscience support a man who was cited […]

The Trump Dump: Trump’s Dumped!

The good news about recent debacles is that it seals Trump’s doom. How so? I’ll get there in a minute. First let’s dispense with any imputation of Trumpian strategy to the pre-Christmas disasters. “Deliberate Chaos” it’s been called, as analysts struggled to find motive and pattern in a week of unparalleled disasters — Wall Street […]

The Trump Dump: Good Germans

As a boy I learned that the Nazis killed my grandparents and millions of others. Once I could grasp the enormous horrors of the Holocaust, I began to understand the contagious evil of fanatical racism. What I could not understand was how so many Germans turned a blind eye to the brutality. Now I am one […]

The Trump Dump: China likes him!

Chinese citizens, once terrified to voice their political views, speak freely now, as I learned last week touring three of the country’s (and the world’s) largest cities. At least, they talk freely when commenting on foreign leaders. Political freedom in China? Let’s not get carried away, as was the friend of one of my co-workers […]

The Trump Dump: Donald the superhero

Trump’s announced himself to be “Tariff Man,” a new superhero whose powers apparently include triggering a massive drop in the stock market just by declaring his new cognomen. Trump’s long been known for his infantile disparagements of other candidates with monikers like “Little Bob” Corker for the diminutive Tennessee Senator or “Lyin’ Ted” for Texas […]