America First, and Mother Earth a long way last

Sometimes food and drink never make it to the gullet. People sneeze noodles or pepper flakes out of their noses, babies splatter oatmeal and trick-or-treaters stuff so much candy in their mouths that they have to spit some out or choke. It happens. It’s unintended. Even my cat barfed up a half-chewed ear plug, about a month […]

I Want More

Leadership brings prestige and importance. It’s apparent Donald Trump covets prestige. He continually seeks it and also reminds himself and others of that other gem, importance. Our current president displays a pathological need to validate himself. He wields and abuses his power and prefers being venerated for being president than actually presiding. As a news […]

In the beginning

The first time it happened, I was indisposed. Co-workers ran into the restroom announcing — loudly — that Donald Trump was on the phone. “On hold!” I took a deep breath, washed my hands and out I went. Trump was returning my first-ever call to him. Promptly. This surprised me, as most corporations go through an elaborate […]