Trump goes wah wah wah

Just when I thought there was nothing new to shake my head at regarding our unstable president, along came last week’s Saturday Night Live on NBC-TV. Any comic material about Donald Trump seems to write itself, but the show delivered a brilliant parody of Trump declaring a state of emergency for a wall on the Mexican border. […]

The Clap Heard ‘Round the World

President Donald Trump seemed smugly satisfied as he delivered the State of the Union address last night, but what we saw was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal.) completely owning the room. In a long-winded speech, Trump called for party unity while simultaneously knocking the ongoing “ridiculous partisan investigations” against him, which he claimed were no […]

Air Force drops bomb on New Year’s Eve

The U.S. Strategic Command in Bellevue, Neb., is the Air Force’s keeper of codes, “buttons” and weaponry. Its overriding mission is preparing for nuclear war. I find them a cool and intimidating next-door neighbor. Imagine my surprise, however, when StratCom’s public affairs office on New Year’s Eve tweeted this about the ball drop in Times Square, […]

Blacking Out

Have you ever woken up with a jolt at around 2 a.m. on a city fire escape, five stories high and in the dead of winter? Without remembering how you got there? I have, and I’m not proud of it. It was the winter of 1975, and I was wearing only a sweater over my […]

Oh, Fuh…udge!!!

Darn it to heck! Oh, fudge. Our son of a gun of a president is messed up. I’ve had it up to here with this freaking crap! Darn it to heck! I don’t like to cuss, curse, swear or whatever you want to call it. And there are vulgar words that never cross my mind […]

Isn’t that special?

It bothers me that the word “special” has come to have sarcastic undertones linked to “special needs” and “special education,” and I can’t stand it when people with real problems and disabilities are insulted or hurt in any way. That being said, I laughed out loud Friday when the president droned on at a press […]

Waiting for that chirp

Two hundred and forty-two years ago, America’s founding fathers made the bold move of declaring independence from England.  Today, as we enjoy the day off, grill hot dogs and burgers and watch fireworks, I like to remind myself how this started.  We have a tradition in my household. We watch the movie “1776,” one of […]

It’s Not Easy Being Blue

Remember the movie, “The Blind Side?” I watched it at home with my family last night. The three of us identified not with the rich family nor with the black teenager who got lost in the foster system. Rather, my husband, daughter and I felt kinship with a teacher who was hiding something, played excellently […]

I think that I shall never see . . .

With today being Arbor Day, I find it fitting that French president Emmanuel Macron gave America a tree earlier this week, even planting it on the White House grounds with our commander in chief assisting. It’s unusual to see Trump using elbow grease, isn’t it? British comedian James Corden quipped that a tree is a […]

America First, and Mother Earth a long way last

Sometimes food and drink never make it to the gullet. People sneeze noodles or pepper flakes out of their noses, babies splatter oatmeal and trick-or-treaters stuff so much candy in their mouths that they have to spit some out or choke. It happens. It’s unintended. Even my cat barfed up a half-chewed ear plug, about a month […]

I Want More

Leadership brings prestige and importance. It’s apparent Donald Trump covets prestige. He continually seeks it and also reminds himself and others of that other gem, importance. Our current president displays a pathological need to validate himself. He wields and abuses his power and prefers being venerated for being president than actually presiding. As a news […]

In the beginning

The first time it happened, I was indisposed. Co-workers ran into the restroom announcing — loudly — that Donald Trump was on the phone. “On hold!” I took a deep breath, washed my hands and out I went. Trump was returning my first-ever call to him. Promptly. This surprised me, as most corporations go through an elaborate […]