Trump’s support from the right showing signs of decay

  Whatever is to be said for Trump’s attack on the Syrian airfield – which isn’t much, in my opinion, since it was either an impulsive, “just do something” gesture or the beginning of another hopeless quagmire – it has already split his coalition. The president’s populist, nationalist “America First” ranks were swift and unanimous […]

America the less exceptional

When I was studying American history and political science in college — sometime back in the last century — it was commonly said that this country had an unusually narrow ideological spectrum. The classical liberal tradition, born in the 18th-century Enlightenment and enshrined in the Declaration and Constitution, was the only game in town, it was […]

The Cabinet of Dr. Gorka

The horror show that is the current administration wouldn’t be complete without a bearded Central European sporting an aristocratic medal and speaking with a vaguely continental accent. Meet Sebastian Gorka, Ph.D. (he makes a point of using those letters), or, as he has sometimes styled himself, Sebastian Lukács von Gorka. The self-styled terrorism expert is now […]

I’ll take the 25th!

People who have something to feel guilty about are famous for invoking their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination before grand juries or congressional committees. Could it soon be time for a nation (or 46% of one, at least) that made a catastrophic decision to elevate a staggeringly unfit man to the presidency to take the Twenty-Fifth? The […]