The big stench has left Washington, but plenty of little stenches remain

EDITOR’S NOTE: Although The Shinbone Star is winding down its daily operation, some staff members still haven’t gotten the bad taste out of their mouths. Readers can expect random expostulations at least until the bile settles. By FRED BUNCH Most Republican senators say they won’t vote to impeach the deranged creature who incited a riot […]

Eyeballing Trump’s army of feral humans

Last night CNN’s Chris Cuomo referred to them as “the feral few.” Just over a week ago they dressed in skins and horns, with faces painted; they were armed, violent, and the horrific, ugly mob that answered the call to overthrow our government — they were the feral humans that comprised Trump’s Army. Ultimately, they […]

The road ahead

After four years of the most unqualified creature ever to inhabit the Oval Office, Donald J. Trump has been defeated at the polls. Joseph Biden Jr., after 30 years of trying, becomes President of the United States #46. He was youngest ever to seek the office and oldest to win it. His vice-president will be […]

Biden time and waiting for the results

Waiting days for election results is nothing new for me. I grew up in a small farm town north of Dallas. Population around 1,000. The most distinctive building in the center of downtown was a three-story red brick courthouse. Like many rural towns in the area, the pavement is red bricks, laid by the Civilian […]

From the sublime to the ridiculous, Democrats ready to yield the stage to Donnie’s clown show

Oval Office Occupant 45, Daffy Donald Trump, complained last week on Twitter, “Biden’s DNC Speech Was ‘Just Words.’ ” But Daffy, they were beautiful words, expressed in f’n’ COMPLETE SENTENCES! Meanwhile, to confuse and rattle the asterisk pre*ident: Addressing virtual delegates at the Democratic Party National Convention last week, former President Barack Obama said: “I […]