Let Them Eat Cake

I keep wondering, when will America have its “Let Them Eat Cake” moment? When will the American people finally realize that those in power really only care about those in power? Marie Antoinette was prematurely separated from her head because of supposedly saying the French equivalent, “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche,” when referring to feeding the starving peasants […]

A Day Without Women

Today has been declared A Day Without Women, brought to you by the same ladies who organized the Women’s March. The premise is to show through female solidarity and protest how truly important, necessary and integral women are to the functioning of our American society. I will be participating. Now before you start patting me on […]

A New Hope

Editor’s note: Shinbone Star staffers have been working so hard that we felt we needed a doctor. So we added one! Not only can she bandage our wounds, but she can write a bit, too! Yes, I stole that title from Star Wars, but that’s what I need right now, a new hope and Star Wars. I don’t have to […]