The Audacity of Hope

When I heard that the POTUS and FLOTUS were diagnosed with COVID-19, did my mouth drop, did my hands cover my mouth as I stifled a good old fashioned belly laugh? Maybe. Did I instantly pray for God’s forgiveness for feeling joy at the misery of another human being? That’s possible. Did I simultaneously feel […]

First Do No Harm

EDITOR’S NOTE: The staff doctor here at The Shinbone Star is a little a little ticked off about the man at the top. No, not about Dutton Peabody, about Donald Trump! By DECONSTRUCTING DOCTOR In recent recordings with famous investigative reporter Bob Woodward, best known for breaking the Watergate scandal in 1972 for the Washington […]

Typhoid Trump

Every time I watch the president pontificate about how fantastic everything is being handled with this latest global pandemic, COVID-19, I feel less reassured, more anxious. From my point of view, nothing seems to be going well at all. You see, I’m a family doctor. I’m on the front lines of this pandemic. People are […]

No Need to Fear, Trump is Here

The official U.S. stance on the coronavirus is that the Democrats did it. They created a hoax, fanned the flames of fear and criticized Donald Trump’s lackluster response, all in the name of gaining leverage against one of the most divisive presidents ever. For the 3.000 people worldwide who have died since the appearance of […]

Calling All White Men

One cannot turn on the news or follow social media without the impression that there are serious problems in America.  I try not to freak out over every headline. I often remind myself that things have always been this way, there have always been struggles, wars, problems, evils in the world. It just seems like […]

Oreo Cookies

Blatant racism. I just can’t get over blatant racism. I’ve heard snarky undertones, vague easily misconstrued quips, stupid jokes among friends and family. I’ve heard the “n-word” a time or two. But in my white-privileged experience, outright racism is something that more ignorant sorts mumble under their breath safely within their white hoods. But not anymore. Racism […]

Too Ugly to Sexually Assault?

Everyone’s a fucking comedian lately. The desire for likes and guffaws on Facebook and Twitter really brings out the cringe factor in those wannabe chuckleheads. Take Cabarrus County, N.C. Republican Chairman Lanny Lancaster, who recently posted a picture of a young lady wearing glasses and braces with the caption, “This is the alleged sexual assault […]

Is that you, Dr. Bornstein, or is it Dr. WTF????

EDITOR’S NOTE: The decrepit staff here at The Shinbone Star needs constant medical monitoring, and that’s why we have our own staff physician. When she’s not snapping the latex on recalcitrant reporters, our Deconstructing Doctor can also write when needed. Am I the only one wondering what Donald Trump’s personal doctor is doing back in the news? Where’s […]

Southern Charms

I don’t think Southerners are aware, but outside of the South, no one really cares about the Civil War or its monuments. The world has moved on, the country has changed. It’s on to bigger and better things. It has forgotten about the battered and wounded Confederate soldier, the burned and desecrated white plantations. It […]

Stay Woke, America

There are times in life when you just get so worn down, so tired, so disappointed, so disgruntled that you think you can’t keep going. You just want to stop, get off the hamster wheel and shut out the world. You don’t want to read another political blog, hear another pundit rant, shake your head […]

No Pets Allowed in this White House

Americans love their pets. What’s more American than the nuclear family throwing a ball in the back yard while Rover fetches it enthusiastically and tirelessly? What is more American than the great Lassie rescuing Timmy from the well? Or what about the rotund Garfield eating John’s lasagna again? Americans need their pets. It grounds us. It […]