Hello, cupcake

When a big-time college sports team beats up on a school that can’t compete with it, the losing school is called a “cupcake.” Sometimes that’s unfair, as when Troy went into Baton Rouge, Louisiana, this fall and beat LSU. But usually it’s a slaughter. The term cupcake wasn’t always in use. When I was a […]

After palpable relief, then what

I begin with an apology. My son was in high school, and among his college considerations was the University of Alabama. I said then that my son, a bandsman, would make a good addition to that fine program and would probably be welcomed. “You have all your own teeth, so they’ll love that,” I said, […]

Hostage-taking seldom ends well

The Current President (TCP) has posited that he decided to end cost-sharing reduction (CSR) payments to insurers because the Affordable Care Act is imploding. Democrats, TCP said, need to call the White House to help him fix what’s ailing the system. I thought that sounded pretty much like a “shoot the hostages” demand, and not […]

The hate that would not die

So, Republicans are reeling and The Current President (TCP) is seething because his long sought coup de grace to the legacy of the nation’s first Black President just will not by-god come to fruition. For how many years have those people talked about repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act? They spent years whipping their racist […]