It’s the Republicans, stupid!

Events of the past two weeks have driven home for us that President Donald J. Trump and his Republican Party must be driven from power. Two weeks of impeachment hearings left Republicans in Congress with only castigations to hurl at government employees who came forward to lay out Trump’s long list of crimes and misdemeanors. […]

They’re not your Father’s GOP

After the results of Tuesday’s elections were pretty much tied up tight, I couldn’t sleep. In part, I was wondering how to get the Republican Party’s picture affixed to the side of milk carton. They haven’t been seen in a while, and while I’m pretty sure that they’re dead, we cannot be certain until we’ve […]

Here’s why the GOP must be stopped

One of the more interesting newspaper stories of the month of August was by Kate Zernike, of The New York Times. In article headlined  ” ‘Don’t Run This Year’: The Perils for Republican Women Facing a Flood of Resistance,” Ms. Zernike detailed the scuffling of Republicans to try and find candidates who might win, but […]

You can’t say we weren’t warned

One of the pleasures of my morning commute is to listen to comedian-activist Stephanie Miller’s radio show on Sirius XM (Progress). She often begins with a review of whatever shenanigans Putin’s Poodle (PP) has fouled the White House with overnight. She seldom has been left hanging, from the continued assaults on the the First Amendment, […]