Hello, cupcake

When a big-time college sports team beats up on a school that can’t compete with it, the losing school is called a “cupcake.” Sometimes that’s unfair, as when Troy went into Baton Rouge, Louisiana, this fall and beat LSU. But usually it’s a slaughter. The term cupcake wasn’t always in use. When I was a […]

After palpable relief, then what

I begin with an apology. My son was in high school, and among his college considerations was the University of Alabama. I said then that my son, a bandsman, would make a good addition to that fine program and would probably be welcomed. “You have all your own teeth, so they’ll love that,” I said, […]

Hostage-taking seldom ends well

The Current President (TCP) has posited that he decided to end cost-sharing reduction (CSR) payments to insurers because the Affordable Care Act is imploding. Democrats, TCP said, need to call the White House to help him fix what’s ailing the system. I thought that sounded pretty much like a “shoot the hostages” demand, and not […]