And one more thing, Mr. Taibbi

In my previous post on this blog earlier today, I referenced Matt Taibbi’s concern that those of us who are insisting that we get to the bottom of Russian interference in the 2016 election are experiencing what he termed “Putin Derangement Syndrome.” I hope you read that post, but I return to Mr. Taibbi’s writing […]

Derangement is in the eye of the beholder

On April 3, Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi made the case that “whatever the truth about Trump and Russia, the speculation surrounding it has become a dangerous case of mass hysteria.” I have now read the article three times, and the estimable Mr. Taibbi, made my head hurt with this one. He seems to say […]

In the end, we’re all gonna get hit

When I was a kid, I was the oldest of four siblings and one of my favorite games was a game that kids play in big families. It was great! You played the game this way: The oldest, or biggest, kid (me!) would hold the wrist of a smaller sibling and slap that sibling’s face with […]

Shades of Emperor Nero

It was the San Antonio Spurs coach, Gregg Popovich, who spoke with sadness after November’s election, and due to his stature and general unwillingness to talk about anything anytime, people listened. “I’m still sick to my stomach, and not basically because the Republicans won or anything,” Popovich said, “but the disgusting tenor, tone and all […]

The Republican stench of complicity

My hat is off to Saturday Night Live for a couple of bits they performed the last two weeks that most of us recognize as bitingly true of the Republican Party. In the first bit, cast members in several settings hailed the GOP leader who stood up to the The Current President (TCP) and helped […]

Has the trap been sprung?

Over the weekend, The Current President (TCP) let the proverbial cat out of the bag when he tweeted an accusation that President Obama had ordered the wiretapping of Trump Tower during the last weeks of the election. So let’s unpack the fact that none of us knew this had occurred, if in fact it actually […]