All Hail The Orange King!

After their so-called ‘summit’ I realized maybe it wasn’t a joke. When Russian President Vladimir Putin said the United States should host the World Cup in 2026, I started thinking that if it happens, it will be with a different looking “free nation.” Never mind learning Spanish in schools, you better start brushing up on […]

Welcome To Trump’s Gilead

If you’re like me you binge-watched “The Handmaid’s Tale” and you don’t need me to point out how relevant the show is in today’s world; especially in the United States. So we don’t have toxic-waste colonies to send “morally corrupt” women to and we don’t have really cool red and green wardrobes that make everyone […]

Justin & Canada Need To Step Up

It’s been a shitstorm of cruel rhetoric and lie after lie for the president of the United States and his administration the past few weeks. I don’t need to go in to the details of the immigration nightmare that has been taking place in the U.S.; our TV’s and news feeds have been ripe with horrendous […]

Canada’s sorry . . . not!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Today we welcome a friend and loyal reader of The Shinbone Star from Canada. Author of MadMeg’s Musings on WordPress, Meg lives in Kamloops, B.C., about three hours east of Vancouver and comfortably north of the U.S.-Canada line. Here’s her view of the situation in the wake of the G7 Summit. By MAEGAN ELLIOTT EIFERT […]