Why Is Donald J. Trump Encouraging Fools With Guns To Threaten America?

A headline in The Washington Post on Wednesday screamed, “Armed militia helped a Michigan barbershop open, a coronavirus defiance that puts Republican lawmakers in a bind.” Donald J. Trump’s incessant drum beating has reached enough disenfranchised fools with guns seeking liberation from frustrations they can’t otherwise escape. In their own bizarre way, the raging boys […]

Trump Effect Still Evident In Rural America

A pandemic provides writers with abundant food for thought. Mix it with anything Trumpian and it is suddenly a penny novel. By Webster’s definition, uttering something insensitive is crass, but there’s a certain charm to being tactless, how else could Trump survive? When everything slows down, crassness and insensitivity seem to rise. “What’s the f#%kin’ […]

Trump’s Magic Bullet

“Hydroxychloroquine, I don’t know,” Trump said on his evening dog-and-pony show a few days ago. “It’s looking like it’s having some good results. I hope that, that would be a phenomenal thing.” It could be incredible. In Oregon, 13 veterans treated in part with the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine recovered from COVID-19, including a 104-year old […]

Cry Havoc And Trump Will Appear

Donald Trump was at his putrid finest on television over the weekend, a double-talking huckster babbling with incoherency about his obvious and repeated mistakes in the days before. Meanwhile, the do-nothing Senate is deadlocked on a $2 trillion relief bill so full of goodies for Trump’s buddies, it could raise the dead. The only thing […]