To Beto Or Not To Beto

When second-string Democratic Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke says “Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,” is Beto full of it? Probably. Did his defiant stand on guns help the Democrats? Probably not. When Beto made his promise during last Thursday’s televised Democratic presidential debate, at best he was drawing a symbolic line […]

Trump’s Latest Sucker Punch Pounds American Children Overseas

Last Friday afternoon, The Shinbone Star took a quick shot at Dangerous Donald’s alarming order to misappropriate congressionally mandated funding from allegorical Peter to pay undeserving Paul. But what really stood out was Trump-appointee Secretary of Defense Mark Esper’s decision to deny American military dependent children living overseas a decent education in order to deny […]

Trump’s Wall Is Costing Americans Their Livelihood Where It Is Least Expected

Dangerous Donald Trump took time out from his weather forecasting duties last week to steal $3.6 billion slated for military base improvement projects. The soldiers’ and sailors’ best friend says the waning non-emergency on our country’s southwestern border demands prompt action. No doubt Trump’s sinking numbers and bizarre behavior following his disgraceful performance at the […]

Is Lying Donald Puppet Or Fool?

“President Putin outsmarted President Obama,” Lying Donald Trump declared on Monday during his ill-conceived, rambling solo Presidential dissertation of lies and gross distortions following his embarrassing performance at the G-7 economic summit in France. Wow, defending a former Communist intelligence operative and contemporary murder master against a universally admired and frequently lauded former President of […]