When Trump Found Jesus

God’s been a busy spirit since Donald Trump thundered into the White House smelling of sulphur, brimstone and foreign money. His self-described spiritual adviser and personal pastor, Paula White, reports God called on her “directly regarding Trump.” The little lady of Bottom Line Divinity is renowned for preaching a gospel that money sent directly to […]

Only One Court Counts Any Longer

In the U.S., we have a court of public opinion, state and federal courts where justice is served and a specious court of powerful white men of unknown character that are greatly respected by their endowed peers. The last court is the one currently running the country. The so-called Russian investigation, conducted impeccably in the […]

A Shinbone Star Vituperative Op-Ed

The economic protectionist Peter Navarro, currently the driving force behind U.S. foreign trade policy, said war is good business in a Tuesday New York Times op-ed deifying Donald Trump for keeping open a heavy weapons manufacturing plant in Lima, Ohio. It was a publicity packet for Trump’s Wednesday visit to the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center […]