A peace of shit

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Israel Bureau has been slacking for too long, but with Election Day in the United States quickly approaching, we finally prodded our correspondent and obtained this report. Just one more example of how The Shinbone Star is spanning the globe to bring our readers the latest in anti-Trump content. By ROBERT OTT […]

10 Reasons Why I Love Trump

That might seem like a strange headline. Perhaps even tinted with shades of clickbait. Fine. It is clickbait. Nobody could possibly find ONE reason to love Trump, let alone 10. Yet as I sit here drinking Trump Vodka, admiring my degree from Trump University, eating Trump Steaks (medium rare) and re-watching every episode of The […]

A conversation with Grumpy Trumpy

Just when you think you’ve seen it all on the internet, you stumble onto something so profound, so life-altering that everything that came before it seems instantly irrelevant. No, this is not some new form of midget-with-a-balloon-covered-in-whipped-cream fetish pornography, or more videos of a cat riding a Roomba with a shark costume (it’s a thing). […]