AMERICA’S DAY OF SHAME A mob of unruly protesters has taken over the U.S. Capitol as senators and representatives debated the Electoral College vote confirming the election of Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States. The 45th president, meanwhile, sat in the Oval Office and watched the proceedings after egging on the […]

Sympathy for the bedeviled

By ANDREW PRENDIMANO Fair warning: By the end of this article you might feel sorry for Donald J. Trump. Sincerely that is not my intent. I don’t feel sorry for him and neither should you. Trump is, however, a very sick man and simple human decency stirs our compassion for the unwell. It should be […]

Sign of the times: front lawn wars

Across America, the presidential election has become a very uncivil war. With both sides dug in along political lines, neighborhoods have been transformed into battlefields, from the tony neighborhoods of the Houston suburbs to more rural landscapes of Missouri farmland. One of the dirtiest presidential fights in U.S. history, incumbent President Donald Trump and challenger […]

Joe Biden for president

By SHINBONE STAR EDITORIAL BOARD About a year ago, a crowded field of Democratic presidential candidates held a series of debates, and during one of the most pivotal exchanges, some of Vice President Joe Biden’s past policy decisions were questioned by Sen. Kamala Harris, who figuratively took a high fastball from Biden and parked it […]


Donald J. Trump and his enablers have their collective knee on the life force of America, and they won’t remove it until our country is dead. R.I.P. George Floyd.

Garbha in the time of coronavirus

EDITOR’S NOTE: Today marks the opening of The Shinbone Star’s India Bureau. Author Yashodhara Sirur wrote a guest post for us in 2018, but has agreed to join our staff as a regular contributor as we expand our foreign coverage, with bureaus now in Canada, Israel and India. By YASHODHARA SIRUR India, like many other […]