Why I left the GOP

The first vote I ever cast was for Ronald Reagan as president. I admired the way Reagan inspired hope and optimism about the future, as did many others given how lopsided was his win that year. I voted for George H.W. Bush, twice. I voted for Bob Dole and for George W. Bush (again, twice). […]

Is it time for new gun laws?

The numbers are simply horrific. Between the deadly shootings at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school on Dec. 14, 2012, until the end of 2013, there were 54 people shot to death on school campuses in the United States, most of them children. Another 37 were injured in the 31 campus shootings. The surprise isn’t that […]

Few reasons for optimism today

I like to think of myself as an optimist. A “glass-is-half-full” kind of guy. But looking out at the political landscape, there is simply no way to break the path we’re on without massive social changes, which will come neither easily nor without pain. Why the pessimistic outlook? Look at what’s transpired to put us […]

I am not your enemy

The failed press. Enemies of the American people. Fake news. It’s hard to describe the pain a lifelong journalist feels when the president of the United States utters such words to describe my life’s work. After 25 years in the media, I now teach journalism and tell my students about the important role of the […]