‘It’s going away. It’ll go away. Things go away.’
— Donald J. Trump, August 6, 2020

* * *

‘It is what it is.’
— Donald J. Trump, August 5, 2020 (when asked about 1,000 Americans dying every day)

We need to remember that while government officials and politicians toss around numbers, those numbers represent American citizens — men, women and children — who died from this deadly disease. Their families and friends need to feel a virtual embrace, a national group hug, from all of us every day. Out of respect for the fallen, please wear a mask and practice social distancing to slow the spread of this killer virus.

DAY 202 in the USA ‡

(Statistics reflect United States cases only)

Deaths on August 7, 2020: 1,290
Total deaths: 164,094

New cases on August 7, 2020: 63,246
Total cases: 5,095,524

Serious/critical cases on August 7, 2020: 18,051

‡ Link to source: Worldometer