America’s war in Afghanistan, redux

Unseasoned, dimwit commander-in-chief and deceitful, war-loving frontman Donald Trump’s long-anticipated plan to win the almost 17-year-old Afghan war is upon us. The “Resolute Support Mission” kicked-off yesterday with bands, long-winded speeches and the kind of organized puffery that always marks new American military adventures. The battle plan Secretary of Defense James Mattis promised after he […]

Rebel shots at SecDef in the heart of Kabul illustrate Allied weakness

Lost in the cacophony of shots and shouts tearing at America’s fabric is background noise; faraway night music murmuring in the darkness where two U.S. wars are being fought simultaneously. One place is Kabul, Afghanistan, the micro-center of American war policy on the rimlands of Asia. In a dubious “secret” visit last week, rebels took out after Secretary of […]

Trump Launches Desperate Military Distraction

Desperate times for the Bully President call for breaking another campaign promise: getting our armed forces out of Afghanistan, the longest running war in our nation’s history. Donald J. Trump campaigned hard on a theme of pulling our troops out of that Middle Eastern country in order to focus on his “America First” agenda. Scratch that off […]