Some parting words for Trump supporters

The Trump administration, no doubt the most corrupt in the history of the Republic, screeches to a halt in a matter of hours. At noon today, in accordance with the Constitution, Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Devi Harris will be sworn in as the president and vice president of the United States. The Trump Administration, […]

The road ahead

After four years of the most unqualified creature ever to inhabit the Oval Office, Donald J. Trump has been defeated at the polls. Joseph Biden Jr., after 30 years of trying, becomes President of the United States #46. He was youngest ever to seek the office and oldest to win it. His vice-president will be […]

The waiting

As the late, great Tom Petty wrote, “the waiting is the hardest part.” That’s true of  lot of things in life, but at this point, it’s hard to think about anything but the Nov. 3 election. We are just days away from settling the question of whether we want to preserve our democracy by electing […]

Sign of the times: front lawn wars

Across America, the presidential election has become a very uncivil war. With both sides dug in along political lines, neighborhoods have been transformed into battlefields, from the tony neighborhoods of the Houston suburbs to more rural landscapes of Missouri farmland. One of the dirtiest presidential fights in U.S. history, incumbent President Donald Trump and challenger […]


Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden just named his choice for Vice President, and it’s Sen. Kamala Harris, (D-Cal.). She carved up Donald Trump’s personal attorney (otherwise known as the U.S. attorney general) like a Christmas turkey at his confirmation hearing, and likely will do the same for Vice President Mike Pence, who undoubtedly just […]

The Big Twit tweets on and on

When Donald Trump wrote a tweet wishing everyone a “HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY,” he was using a phrase not usually associated with the national holiday honoring soldiers who died serving our country. Only a despicable ignorant ass could F-up the day. And, he is that ass. Yuuugely! Not only was he playing golf while the number […]