Babies and Blockades. A Canadian Tale.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sick of Donald Trump? So are we, so The Shinbone Star’s Canada Bureau Chief decided to give American readers a view of what’s been happening north of the border. Hey, it’s tough all over. By MADMEGSBLOG On Monday,  March 2, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sat through a Cabinet meeting while holding a […]

America First, and Mother Earth a long way last

Sometimes food and drink never make it to the gullet. People sneeze noodles or pepper flakes out of their noses, babies splatter oatmeal and trick-or-treaters stuff so much candy in their mouths that they have to spit some out or choke. It happens. It’s unintended. Even my cat barfed up a half-chewed ear plug, about a month […]

Go, and coal no more

“Burning Montana’s coal increases our carbon footprint and accelerates global warming. Coal’s just about as dirty as it gets, and in the West, Montana’s is among the dirtiest.” – Rick Bass, Colstrip, Montana and the Tragedy of an American Coal Plant EDITOR’S NOTE: Colstrip, Montana, is an unremarkable town of about 2,300 with two dozen […]